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The Wilson Reading Program thrives on structure, routines and practice.

 How can you ensure that your child's instruction carries over from the Wilson classroom and into their personal toolbox of knowledge?

We practice, practice, practice. Don't forget to let your child brag to you about their new-found knowledge.

I know they would love to share with you.



What can you do at home to help?




*Read aloud with your child for 20 minutes a day.

*Play 10 Questions with your child's current words.

*Play Snowman Freeze with your child's current words.

*Complete Wilson HW pages with your child when they are assigned.

*Practice reading and spelling trick words and challenge words found in their flip book.

*Complete a reading activity on Achieve3000 with your child.



I have been sending home book bags with each student from time to time. Please reach out if you need new reading materials!