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All great writing begins with the construction of a great sentence. Therefore, focusing our attention on how to craft a quality sentence will spiral into discussions on word choice, organization, fluency, and mechanics. Daily journal writing helps to build writing stamina, critical thinking skills and develop a love for the craft.


At-Home Writing Tips:
1. Shop with your child for a journal and have them write in it daily. Topics can be generated together, or just ask me for ideas!
2. Have your child write a letter to a friend or family member.
3.. Play a game where you say or write the beginning of a story, and the other person adds to it...Keep alternating to create an organized, yet whimsical story. 
4. Have your child help a younger brother or sister with their writing.
5. Play the sentence-stretching pyramid game. Draw a triangle and add four or five lines across it. In the smallest box (the tip) write a two word sentence: She eats. In the remaining boxes, keep adding details, until the longest box (the base) will have the best sentence yet! Example: The young girl sits patiently on the concrete steps chomping on her chewy Cheetos while waiting for the school bus to arrive. You could even create a way to earn points  by counting how many words were used in your sentences.