Friday, June 3rd:

School Olympics

Go EFS! 



Don't forget to complete your Friday Work each week!


Even though reading is listed just twice a week on the Daily Skills Sheet, you should be reading each and every night to strengthen your reading skills.

This website is a WONDERFUL tool for finding 'just right' books for your child. 

How do I use this tool?

1. Check to find your child's most up-to-date reading lexile score on Achieve3000 (logins were given to you at conferences).

2. Put their lexile score and reading interests into the book list generator and voila - you will have a new book list for your child that is tailored to their reading level AND interests! 

Note: If your child's lexile score is above grade level, some of the books may be inappropriate for them. This site allows you to put in an age range to generate an appropriate list.






Educationally Yours,

Michelle Barshay & Jaclyn Franzi