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Please contact me with questions:

I will answer questions as quickly as I can but my "office hours" 

are from 10:30am-12pm  

Thank you for visiting my website to review our virtual learning plans. Class assignments will be posted by 9:00 a.m. each week day, and we will also assign assessments by using Microsoft forms.  Aside from earned grades that will be posted within Synergy, I will also use Youtube videos and  Microsoft Forms to provide  directions any needed feedback. Thank you for trying your best on all assignments and assessments. We will work together as a team to make the best of virtual learning until we return to school.



Monday March 30th


Tuesday March 31st: 


Use On-line text book (On-Line Text book Tab pages 244-248)



Wednesday, April 1st:

 Video:  (FINISH THE HISTORY SECTION OF YOUR NOTES-due tomorrow by using the links below & your on-line textbook): 

(you can get a sharable link to the textbook when you log into Microsoft 365-Textbook pages 244-248


Thursday, April 2nd:





      Finish the Economic Notes for Canada Project using on-line text book (text book pages:254-257) and the following resources:


Friday, April 3rd



History Section should be completed & submitted. Economic Notes are due today for the project-send your notes via 365 to   

 Economic Resources are posted below:





Monday, March 23rd:


 DAY 1: (VIDEO):



Tuesday, March 24th:


DAY 2: (VIDEO): (use notebook paper to complete)

Review until you've reached 90% for AC and 80% for On-Level




Wednesday, March 25th:


  LCNR PPT Guide (Download first-complete by printing or using notebook paper)

 Scavenger Hunt by Class Period: 


Thursday, March 26th:


Friday, March 27th: 


Video Review


Geography Quiz: Use the resources you've completed this week to take this assessment:)







MONDAY March 16TH:  

ALL Students will listen to the video instructions, complete warm up questions (use notebook paper),open the PPT, and complete the worksheet on Latin America Economics:



 All students will listen to the video with instructions and answer the warm up questions (use notebook paper).  Students will complete 1-13 on their study guide (see the attached link):




All students will listen to the video instructions for Wednesday and complete warm up questions (this will be counted for a grade). Students will complete 14-17 on their study guide.



Microsoft Forms log-in CCSD log-in.png (how to log in to office 365)

WARM UP QUESTIONAIRE on MICROSOFT FORMS SELECT THE CLASS LINK THAT YOU ARE IN: (This will be graded so use your warm up questions to help you):
  • Study-guide-LA-his-econ-gov-2020.doc  (if you don't want to print this off you can put answers on notebook paper complete 14-17)                                                                                                                                                                        


All students will listen to the video instructions for Thursday and review using Quizizz!



 FRIDAY March 20TH: 

Students will use the form link attached below to take the test. Good luck!