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Pinewoods Elementary Celebration Criteria




School is Cool


  • No referrals
  • All “S” on the personal development section of the report card


Personal Development Focuses:

1. Pays Attention

2. Follows Rules

3. Follows Directions

4. Completes Tasks

5. Displays Positive Attitude

6. Works Well With Others

7. Works Independently


Personal Development Grading:

Interims/Report Cards

Less than three notes home or signatures in the Captain's Log = S

Three or more notes home or signatures in the Captain's Log = N

Six or more notes home or signatures in the Captain's Log = U


  • Complete tasks- is a behavior category: A student may be given an N or U in this category for missing class assignments

Theme Day

Once a Month

  • 0-2 missing homework assignments per month will be allowed to participate.
  • 3 or more missing homework assignments per month will not be allowed to participate

Note: Nightly AR reading and planner signatures will NOT be included as missed homework assignments


AR Celebrations

Every Quarter


End of Year Celebration

  • Students must have 100% of the AR goal at a minimum of 80% comprehension

  • Students will be able to participate in an end of year celebration if they meet their AR goal and 80% comprehension ALL four quarters


End of Year

  • Students who read a million or more words through Accelerated Reader will be invited to a party at the end of the year.
  • Students must have an 80% comprehension average for the year.

Brain Booster Bash

Beginning of the Year

  • Students must complete and turn in their summer packet

Goal Meeters


  • Students are recognized for achieving their personal academic goals



Students will only be acknowledged on the morning news if: 

-Above and Beyond with the Character Theme

-1,000,000 Words Read