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Welcome to Mrs. Kreyenbuhl's P.E. Class! 



 Materials Needed:

1.  PE Uniform purchased from LJHS--Students must purchase a P.E. uniform by September 1st!

2.  tennis shoes

3. deodorant

4.  hand towel

Student Expectations:
Students are expected to be inside the locker room when the tardy bell rings.  The students will have 5 minutes (from the sound of the tardy bell) to get dressed and move to her assigned seat for roll call.  Students who are not dressed and in the proper seat when attendance is taken will be considered tardy and will not receive credit for dressing out.  All students are expected to respect themselves, their peers, teachers/coaches, property, and equiptment at all times.  Disrespectful and/or disruptive behavior will not be tolerated.  Every student has the right to learn, and no student is allowed to take that opportunity away.  Mutual respect, attentiveness, and a strong work ethic promotes a positive working environment for all.  Note:  Absolutely NO CELL PHONES WILL BE ALLOWED IN THE LOCKER ROOM DURING THE SCHOOL DAY! Leave all cell phones in your school locker when you come to P.E.!