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Kindergarten at Home Schedule 

Good Morning!

  • Eat Breakfast


  • Circle Time

Our daily circle time includes discussing the following (your child does not need to write the answers telling an adult or “teaching” a sibling is great!)

Reviewing the months of the year

Days of the week song (can be found on YouTube under Days of the Week Addams Family)

Day of the week today? yesterday? tomorrow?



Review ABC letters (upper case & lower case, is the letter a vowel or a consonant?)

Review numbers on a 100 chart

Review Sight Words

Count by ones to 100

Count by tens to 100

Read a story (parent reads to child or child reads to parent)

Talk about who is the author, illustrator, setting – where does the story take place? names of characters (the children can draw and either label or write a sentence about the characters)


Make or print out some charts (any size paper is fine). Samples included on family email.







  • Phonics/Handwriting/Brain Train

In addition to the workbook(s)/worksheets that were sent home, the children may do the following activities…

Practice writing both upper case and lower case letters

Make a journal – write 1-3 sentences per page with an illustration 

Please let your child write on his/her own. After your child has completed the writing, the parents may review the “talk to the hand” rules with your child.




” Talk to the Hand” Writing Rules


  1. Thumb says to start your sentence with an upper case letter
  2. Pointer Finger says to put spaces between your words
  3. Tall Finger says to stretch out your words (sound out)
  4. Ring Finger says to end a sentence with a punctuation mark  . ? !
  5. Pinky Finger says to draw a picture that matches sentence or story


Practice, Practice, Practice Sight Words and Reading!

Make a memory game

Hide the sight word cards in the house and go on a “sight word treasure hunt’

Put the words up around the house and your child can “write the room’

Make words out of playdoh or shaving cream




  • Get Moving!!!!   We need a movement break!!

Play Simon Says

Red Light, Green Light,

Flamingo Game

YouTube has our favorite Go Noodle videos!!

See the Yoga and Workout sites on "home" webpage

Go outside for a walk or a !bike ride


  • Math

Packet work and then follow up with some fun hands-on learning.

The kids can create a project using anything that you have in the house…. Legos, beads, beans, torn pieces of paper, toilet paper/paper towel rolls, etc…

Play Cards (memory, greater than less than i.e. WAR)

Write numbers 0-30... can you go higher? Check for backward numbers.


Sidewalk chalk fun!


  • Lunch



  • Quiet Time…Everyone needs a quiet break!

Try some Mr. Fisher breaths, read a book, or rest! 


  • Technology Time

Starfall, ABC Mouse, PBS Kids, write an email or send a video to your teacher (with an adult)



  • Special Area Classes

Gym, Library, Art, Music lessons



  • Center Time… Play Time!!


  • Science and Social Studies can be included in the day. Visit the Cape May County Virtual Zoo, go on a Nature Walk, make something yummy or crazy in the kitchen with an adult! FaceTime a family member, etc…


Kindergarten Kids… we miss you tons! Please ask your parents to help you take a picture of you!!  Your picture can be of you doing something from the daily schedule or something else you have done and you want to share it!

Please send it to