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This year our PACE studies will be seen through the focus lens of WELLNESS.  This will include defining what wellness means to us. Does it mean the same thing to people in other countries?

What do mental health and physical health have to do with wellness? 
Does it really matter what food we eat? 
How do we take care of our teeth and our eyes?
Who helps us stay well?

A special focus will be WATER.  Why is water important to our health?  We will compare our access to clean water with others around the world.

We All Depend on WATER!
The following facts are brought to you by PACE students in 2-5 grades:

Did you know...
We are a "water planet"?
The Earth's surface is 80% water?
There is a very limited amount of usable water on Earth?
That 97% of the water on Earth is salt water in the oceans and seas?
That 2% of the fresh water on Earth is frozen in ice caps & glaciers?
The fresh, usable water on Earth is less than 1% of all water?
Did you know...
Oceans have currents?
We do not any new water?
The same water has been recycled and recycled for millions of years?






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