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March news and activities

The STEAM Festival has been announced:




Cape May City Elementary Gymnasium/Auditorium

Free, fun, family event


Students are busy working on independent and collaborative projects to showcase at the festival.

                              > 4th-6th graders:  Independent projects ranging from fireworks to animal extinction; battery corrosion to ocean waves

                              > 3rd graders:  Robotics and coding

                              > 2nd graders:  Electricity and circuits, with an Exploratorium for hands-on circuit building

                              > Kindergartners and 1st graders: Dinosaur Diorama and Mural


We are LOOKING UP information and planning for an engaging night.

We can't wait to share our explorations with you!




Image result for heart   February 2019


  •   4th-6th grade GATEWAY students are researching & presenting technological continuums
  •   3rd grade PACE PALS are finishing-up character analysis
  •   2nd grade PALS are involved in a Rock Olympiad and will be presenting the history of their adopted rocks.
  •   Mid-year testing will soon begin for 1st graders that have been nominated for PACE.
  •   Kindergarten enrichment continues with a Dinosaur fiction and non-fiction unit. 
  •   Focus Math - Primary and Secondary students have been using deductive reasoning to complete challenge problems.  Financial literacy is next for upper grade math students.



---------LOOKING UP---------


Our PACE focus lens for this year is "Looking Up." 

What does this bring to mind?

The physical act of LOOKING UP?  What is up there?  What do you see?  What might you see when looking up?


Do you think of LOOKING UP as researching something?

Does "Looking Up" remind you of the thinking position that is often taken, as if the answer to a question might be hovering over one's head?


Maybe you think of the saying, "Things are LOOKING UP."  

Several students became quite philosophical about the idea of looking up to someone - perhaps as a role model or hero, and the idea of looking up ahead to the future and our best selves, rather than looking down at past failures or looking down on another person. These musings struck a thoughtful cord in all of us.


One idea that was discussed during a 4th-6th grade PACE class was that we all need to take moments (or longer!) to LOOK UP from our devices.  Adults are modeling a behavior that our children don't really appreciate, (and yet they are showing the same addictive habit).  It is said that we give our electronic devices: phones, computers, televisions... more time and attention than our physically present friends and family.  


Let's pledge to do a little more LOOKING UP this year.  

We might be surprised what we see!


------Fall 2018 ------

Testing of new students has been completed and classes are engaged in a number of tasks and projects.

4th-6th GATEWAY:  Having selected three main areas of study for this school year, the students voted to start with Astronomy:  Solar System and Outer Space.

Each student is currently LOOKING UP answers to leading questions having to do with a randomly selected planet in our Solar System.  We have BIG hopes to talk to NASA, visit a planetarium, and explore to infinity and beyond! 

3rd grade PACE PALS: Currently in a Literature Unit, reading and responding to Flora and Ulysses. This Newberry winner is full of challenging vocabulary and hysterical happenings.  Knowing this group of third graders, I wouldn't be surprised if a dramatic presentation is in our future.

2nd grade PACE PALS:  SCIENCE ROCKS! and these students know it.  They are conducting experiments and gathering knowledge with their fascinating study of rocks and minerals.

1st grade and Kindergarten: Enrichment activities in Language Arts, Science, and Engineering will take this group through the first marking period. Currently, the students are studying characteristics/properties of mixed items.