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Using this integrating theme, students will explore

many kinds of maps and mapping.

From mapping ourselves, to mapping our places in the world,

this concept will lead us through art, social studies, language arts,

science, mathematics, technology, and beyond.     
How do maps help us organize our world?
What kinds of maps do we use?

   MAY  2009              
Be sure to save the date and join us for:
-geography and art festival
Where?   Cape May City Elementary Gym
When?   Thursday, May 21, 2009 ....   4:30-7:30 PM
  • to celebrate and focus on wonderful places, near and far
  • to view and enjoy wonderful art made by the students at CMCE
  • to enjoy a play by our Spanish Club, songs by our school chorus, and hundreds of student projects
  • to help build a NASA moon habitat
  • to eat a Philly pretzel, a "New York" hotdog, or rice representing various world locations
  • to go on an orienteering, map adventure on our school campus
How?   Come to this free festival
Who?    Open to the public
  • Kindergarteners are studying maps, globes, atlases.
  • First graders hope to complete their Lincoln Memorial model this week
  • Second graders continue to explore the Cape Island Creek Nature Trail
  • Third graders are hosting "Reach for the Stars" - a presentation about our Solar System and our goals
  • 4th and 5th graders are working on individual projects which highlight a world landmark.  Places include: London's Tower Bridge, The Eiffel Tower, The Golden Gate Bridge, and The Leaning Tower of Pisa.  How many landmarks do you know?  Be sure to play the matching game at our May Festival!
  • 6th graders: Michael is finishing his "Best Place to Live" project.  Will is constructing a map of Africa, which will be used to highlight the diverse countries, tribes, and artwork.  Conor and Dennis are assisting Mrs. Leonard by researching the various African tribes whose art styles will be featured in this year's art show.
    MARCH 2009 
    Most groups have turned their attention to a specific location or place in the world, and are preparing something related to this for our spring festival, which just happens to be titled "A PLACE IN THE WORLD".   
Place: Our School
Working as photographers, Kindergarten PACE PALS are getting shots of school items and people from A to Z.  These will match pages in an A-Z book that all the Kindergarten students made during Literacy class.   
       A is for ART        
  S is for Smiles!
1st grade PACE PALS
Place: Washington, DC
The Washington, DC project is really coming along!  The main piece is a wonderful, foamboard model that the students are making of the Lincoln Memorial. Soon they will place a statue of the sitting Abraham Lincoln inside.  Their replica was sculpted out of clay. 
All students have also been collecting information about specific buildings. Trey has researched the Lincoln Memorial,  Matthew found wonderful facts about the Washington Monument, and Duncan is gathering information about the White House. 
2nd grade PACE PALS
Place: Our own backyard trail, The Cape Island Creek Nature Trail
Students are observing, writing, and photographing.  Their journal writing, haiku poems, and pictues will be entered into individual journal-scrapbooks about the trail. 
One warm day we saw our first glimpse of the trail mascots, FIDDLER CRABS.  But our most excitement so far was the flock of wild turkeys in the woods.  I'm not sure who was the most surprised, them or us!
3rd grade PACE PALS
Place: Our Solar System
The group has been working on a NASA project, building a moon shelter.  Using newspapers and tape, they constructed a pentagon shaped dome complete with an airlock chamber.  Everyone is just about ready to give presentations during an "open house" (date/time TBA soon).  Each student has become an expert on one part of our solar system, and will share information thru a project, play, movie, or display.  We hope to have a snack and/or drink which represents each topic.
Next up: Name that State, a state-in-the-box project.
4th & 5th grade GATEWAY
These GATEWAY students recently completed a novel, The Westing Game.  After reading, we enjoyed a costume party for a showing of a movie by the same name.  Everyone had to dress like a character from this award-winning mystery novel.  We all agreed that we liked the book better than the novel, (isn't that always the case?), and finished this unit with a final exam and a game of CLUE. 
6th grade GATEWAY
Electric quiz board, African tribal information, a "best place to live" display... these are just some of the projects sixth-grade GATEWAY students are producing for the spring festival.  I hear that they are also working on a movie thriller with a working title of "The Attack of the Hermit Crabs."  Could this be true?  or was I just dreaming?
Mapping the road to the White House has been an interesting adventure. 

Students have tested their political vocabulary, made gameboard-like maps,

constructed election booklets, and discussed the voting process. 

Sixth graders gave debating a try…    

“Should students have more time outdoors during the school day or not?”

Despite our rowdiness and loss of decorum, it was a worthwhile look at the work that goes into preparing for a real debate.  The team that argued for additional outdoor time had more substantiated and logical points to their discussion, (Perhaps they did a better job of mapping-out their argument?).  The moderator declares them, “The Winners.” 

The prize?  More time outdoors, of course!


Third grade PALS will take charge of the polls on November 4th  to provide a voting experience for all interested students in 1st thru 3rd grades.  During lunch, the students will vote on their favorite pet and ice cream.  After the officials (third grade PALS) tally the vote, they will announce the winners. 

Voting statistics will be used to produce graphs and to notice trends.


GATEWAY students discussed popular votes v.s. electoral votes. 

They are encouraged to use blank Electoral Maps to chart the progress of the Presidential Election on Tuesday night.




Whoooooo are you?

We have started-out the year by mapping ourselves.

What are our interests? Talents? Personalities?

GATEWAY (4-6) students and 3rd grade PACE PALS completed

2-D owls and acrostic poems representing who they are.  

GATEWAY Interest-a-Lyzers challenged each to think a little deeper about

priorities, dreams, wishes,

and (you guessed it)…interests! 

PALS completed “If I Ran the School” to prioritize topics of interest.


Owls became the focus as students dissected owl pellets and researched a specific owl. 

During this time, GATEWAY students learned how to use a computer program called KIDSPIRATION (Inspiration for kids)

to map their gathered facts, while 3rd grade PACE PALS created their maps by hand.


1st and 2nd grade PACE PALS are finally getting started now that much testing is out of the way.

 They will join in the search for Whooooo they are and Whoooooosome of our New Jersey owl friends are…