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Hello, students, parents, and guests!

I hope you are well and staying safe with hand washing, social distance, and good health habits.


Our STEAM Festival last month focused on the theme of CONNECTIONS.

What an important topic for us to remember during this time!



With our school closed and everyone being home, you might be missing your teachers and friends, and feeling DISCONNECTED, but we can stay connected through emails, Google Classroom, and other online platforms. 


The question of the month:




Please note: The links below are pretty awesome for ANYONE who is interested. Highly recommended.


They include: 


  • The Wetlands Institute OSPREY cam
  • a great bird identifier from Cornell Lab of Ornithology that focuses on your location, bird size & color, etc. This is also available as a free app (We are in Cape May! Don't you think we should ALL have this app?!?)
  • links to authors & actors reading favorite books


I hope you JOIN US to engage and enjoy!





-->I MISS YOU! Feel free to contact me with questions or to chat.  

Email  OR   

I'll be checking emails M-F,  9-12 noon.





GATEWAY 4th-6th graders - Your Google Classroom is set-up and the Famous Women assignment from your take-home packet (Week2) is now online.  Meanwhile, for your entertainment & enjoyment, how about author Dan Gutman reading his Weird School series?  Make sure you have your parent's permission to be on his facebook site.



PACE PALS 3rd graders - Be ready to share your Famous Women (Week2) assignment. We should have a Google Classroom soon.





Image result for rock hunt images PACE PALS 2nd graders - This group is really ROCKING it!


I hope you enjoyed your Rock Story and learned some new vocabulary with your flash cards.  

  • This week, the weather has not cooperated too well for your rock hunts, but I hope you have had some success finding many different specimens.  Remember to compare and contrast the different rocks you collect.  Heavy-Light? Sparkly-Dull?  Striped-Solid?  How many different colors did you find? Did you write a description of your favorite rock?
  • Our Week 3 assignment is to focus on the one rock that you have adopted as your PET ROCK.  Take a picture of your rock with you and send it to me. Name your rock and write a story about what you are doing together.  Taking a walk?  Playing a game? Watching TV?  Eating dinner?   I will post your pictures and stories here on my webpage.  Also, coming soon, a way for us to interact online.


Emma and her pet rock, Crystal!    

Original story:  



 PACE PALS 1st graders -  Have you created your Pete the Cat stories?  I can't wait to see them.  This week we should have an online connection for our PACE class.  Talk to you soon. Meanwhile, here's a story from Kate Messner 

or check out Storytime with Ryan and Craig!



  ENRICHMENT Kindergartners -Hey, bird watchers!  Image result for bird watcher images

Have you been thinking about different beaks, feet, and nests?  

What observations have you made?

Here is a cool treat for you and your families.  This link from The Wetlands Institute in Stone Harbor will let you watch the ospreys* that have arrived back to their nest. Their names are Marshal and Lily.     


       Also for my enthusiastic bird observers:  This is a wonderful FREE resource from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology (app can also be downloaded).  You've got to try it out!!!  (Parents, your kids are going to LOVE this.)    


      *Wetlands also posted this: For any of you who may be seeing the live cam feed jumping around like crazy, try the following: The live cam feeds work best when viewed with Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Internet Explorer. If you're using Chrome, go into Settings by clicking on the orange exclamation point in the upper right corner and selecting "settings" from the menu. Next, click on "Advanced" from the Settings menu and uncheck "Use hardware acceleration when available." The feed also stabilizes in fullscreen view, which you can switch to by clicking the fullscreen icon in the lower right corner of the camera window.