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PACE FOCUS 2016-2017


 ----S.T.E.A.M. BY DESIGN---




Students will learn about and use DESiGN THiNKiNG:


đź’ˇDiscover the problem  (empathy)
đź’ˇCollect information  (explore, research & define)
đź’ˇBrainstorm and Analyze ideas (think - ideate)
đź’ˇDevelop solutions (design & create)
đź’ˇTest, present (try-it-out, implement)
đź’ˇGet feedback (feedback & reflection)
đź’ˇImprove on design (make it better)






Students will take time to work on thinking routines, starting with "See - Think - Wonder"


Through-out the year, students will be involved in various design challenges.








         Last year..... 

  • CONGRATULATIONS to students, parents, staff, and volunteers for this year's wonderful S.T.E.A.M BY DESIGN festival!
  • Student projects were outstanding and the hands-on activities were so much fun!
  • The community partners who participated in the festival, enriched us with their knowledge and passion. 
  • A BIG THANK YOU to...
  • The Wetlands Institute
  • The Littoral Society
  • AmeriCorp, Watershed Ambassador
  • Cape May County MUA
  • Cape May County Technical School
  • Cape May County Library, Technical Learning Center
  • A special shout-out and MUCH GRATITUDE to our food service staff members, Barb Tomlin and Christine Galestock.  
  • Their support and volunteer hours made the festival a success.