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The Fountain: July Recap 


new-flashAre your children disappointed about 

cancelled summer plans?

Did they (and you) have hopes for nature classes? sports camps? Girl Scout or Boy Scout activities? Travel?

Here is a great video from Dr. Tina Payne Bryson,

"Helping Our Kids Manage Disappointment Over Cancelled Summer Plans."






Ms. SB's SUMMER FUN - Bitmoji Virtual Room for Reading, Traveling, and Chilling


WONDEROPOLIS- Awesome site. This week's question is "Can birds fly in the rain?" Plus, there are sooooo many more topics to explore.






NASA - STEM fun 

K - 4th grades -----

5th grade and up -----




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Grades 1st & 2nd:  We are finally connecting in your Seesaw classrooms.  

Grades 3rd & 4th-6th: Everything is now on your Google Classrooms.

 Feel free to contact me with questions or to chat.  Email  OR   I'll be checking emails M-F,  9-12 noon.  


GATEWAY 4th-6th graders

- Famous Women, slide show. 

-Zoom meeting, Wednesdays, 12:30pm

-April unit: Poetry Speaks

-May unit: Physics Phun!


PACE PALS 3rd graders 

- Four Famous Women

-April & May Unit: Environmental topics

  • Pollinators
  • Bees
  • Trees



PACE 1st & 2nd


New unit:  

Weather!  Let's start with clouds.

  • Take a look at this free book from author, Jane Kirkland (she visited our schools a few years ago!)

  • Make cloud observations
  • Respond to text
  • Crazy Weather - Thunder & Lightning
  • Big Storms - Hurricanes & Tornados
  • Be A Weather Watcher


PACE PALS 2nd graders - 

Magnifying Glass Clipart Black and White - Clipart1001 - Free ClipartsIN MARCH AND APRIL YOU HAVE...

  • Gone on a rock hunt
  • Compared and contrasted the various rocks you collected  (Heavy-Light?  Sparkly-Dull?  Striped-Solid?  Smooth-Rough?  etc.)
  • Written a description of your favorite rock  (nonfiction) 
  • Adopted one of your rocks
  • Name your rock
  • Take a picture of you and your rock, and email it to me:
  • Write a story about you and your rock. (fiction) 


 PACE PALS 1st graders 


Cute Pencil School Svg Scrapbook Cut File Cute Clipart - Pencil ... IN MARCH AND APRIL YOU HAVE...

  • Created a unique sticker-picture for Pete the cat.
  • Written a story about Pete the cat, using your picture for ideas about setting, details, and descriptive words

 I enjoyed seeing some of your "Pete the Cat" stories. 



 ENRICHMENT Kindergartners -

Hey, bird watchers!  Image result for bird watcher images

Have you been thinking about different beaks, feet, and nests?  

What observations have you made?

Here is a cool treat for you and your families.  This link from The Wetlands Institute in Stone Harbor will let you watch the ospreys* that have arrived back to their nest. Their names are Marshal and Lily.     


       Also for my enthusiastic bird observers:  This is a wonderful FREE resource from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology (app can also be downloaded).  You've got to try it out!!!  (Parents, your kids are going to LOVE this.)   


READY TO STUDY SOME AMPHIBIANS?  Take a look at these two sites:




Here's a story from Kate Messner,      

Question:  How do YOU read a book?  

Do you have a FAVORITE book?


STORYTIME WITH RYAN & CRAIGCheckk out Storytime with Ryan and Craig!