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             Third Grade Music Class Home based lessons


 March 30 - April 4, 2020


Please join the Google Classroom with this link - invitation was from Mrs. Fruchtman -

she and I will be sharing a Google Classroom for Art & Music 



      I can statements: 

      I can hold the recorder correctly

      I can produce a good sound on the recorder

      I can play the notes B, A, G, E and D on the recorder

      I can play a song on the recorder 

      I can read the line and space notes on the treble clef staff


Parents & Guardians:        

3rd Grade Students are working at their own pace through the Recorder Karate program and students are working on the 4th, 5th & 6th Belt songs now.  


Your printed packet for Music class includes worksheets that will help with our goals of reading the treble clef music staff, using FACE for the space notes - reading from the bottom of the staff to the top,  and Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge - E G B D F for the 5 line notes reading from the bottom to the top of the staff.  Students should complete the worksheets and save them to be returned to me in class.  






Warm up playing the belt songs you have earned in Recorder Karate from the white to 

      your latest belt earned! 


         Tips:  Left hand on top

                  Steady warm air breath makes the best sound 

                  Cover the holes completely including the thumb to get the correct note sound.

                  Direct your air to the bottom of the recorder, and blow softly for notes E & D.



       Ready for the next belt and a new song! 


         Read the boxes on the page first! 


         Old MacDonald Had a Farm - introduces a quarter rest  -  one beat of silence


                                                   and a dotted half note     -   3 beats of music


   And the new note - low D  in the space just below the staff - check the fingering on the page for this note -  thumb and 1,2,3 on the left hand;   1,2,3 fingers on the right hand.

Be sure to cover the holes completely  then blow, gently and direct your air to the bottom of the recorder.  


When the Saints Go Marching In - introduces notes that are tied together - two notes of the same pitch, with a line connecting them, meaning we don't play them twice, but we hold them for the total number of beats of both notes that are tied together.  


New Notes are high C and high D - these are high notes on the recorder, written higher on the staff, and sounding higher in pitch.  the high C  uses the left hand thumb and just the 2nd finger hole covered, - the 1st hole is open!  try it now.   


The high D keeps the 2nd finger on the 2nd finger hole, but the thumb comes off the hole on the back, the D is higher than the C - do you hear it?   


Sing the song and watch the tied notes, they have to be held out.  

Go through the song and name the letter names of the notes - try to play this song without writing your notes in the music, figure out two measures at a time and play them, then go on, you can do it!   


Remember how we take a song apart and practice just the areas that are giving us problems in class, we play them slowly, and repeat them 3 to 5 times before putting that section back into the song and playing the line again.  


If you are ready to test for a belt and are able to do so, you can video yourself playing the song and e mail it to me, I will review it and reply back to you!  


You may work at your own speed in Recorder karate, going ahead as you are ready.  If you think you are ready for the next song, please go on.  If you have any questions, I will be available by e mail at  



Don't forget to try the note name memory match game (games are on the right) and recorder section (on the left hand side of the page) on:


your student login is:   Username:   snow               

                    Password:   2020   


This site is free for all students and they do not need to create an account of any kind to use the site.  Click on Grade 3 tab at the top to find songs and song movement activity movies to sing and move!  


There is a metronome - keeps even steady time -on the left side of the page that you can use when playing your recorder to be sure you are keeping a very steady beat.  You can make the tempo slower or faster as you advance.