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Friday.  March 27, 2020
Hi Cape May City Elementary Students !
I miss seeing you !
Today I am missing:   6th Grade Instrumental students, Bexi, Zaimary, Aimee, Sydney, Kaylin, Nouran & Gabriella - learn a new note from your lesson book today!
Miss Elshoubary's 2nd Grade Class - play Charlie Over the Ocean with your family 
Mr Eppenbach's 4th Grade Class - try playing Pass the Beat Around the Room with your family today!  
Our Cape May City Band Members - play Star Wars on your front porch today at noon, text your friends nearby to do it too for a front porch concert! 
Mrs Wilson & Mrs Tarr - Kindergarten Classes - find Sleepy Bunnies & play it 2 times today!  (your very most requested song)- pre-k song #101 on - student login - snow, password: 2020 
Instrumental Students - please click on the CMCES Band page for messages and  links! 
Everyone -  This Week I have a body percussion lesson for you each day! 
Here is a link to the youtube site for Ollie Tunmer - from the cast of STOMP on Broadway,  here are the first two of daily body percussion lessons he will be offering online.  They are out of our time zone, so I will post the new link each afternoon.
This is for everyone age 7 and up, so Mom & Dad can join in also! 
"Body Beats" online Body percussion lessons 
Day 1 - Mon. March 23
Day 2 - Tues. March 24
Day 3 - Wed. March 25
Day 4 - Thurs. March 26
Day 5 - Fri. March 27 

Give it a try, take it easy & just echo him, he will go back and explain how to make the sounds and change the pitches.  
Send me a picture of you trying some body percussion today to share on the school facebook page,  and here on our Scrapbook page 
and have a great day Cape May City !
Mrs. McDonough


Many of our songs and lessons come from the website
Student login :   Username:  snow 
Password:  2020 
The student login site is free for all students, no account needed, 
and includes music for pre-k through 6th grade. 
Please feel free to use this site with your child and enjoy the music games, songs, movies and much more now available during this time at home. 

May music bring you a smile. 
Mrs. McDonough 
SCHOOL WILL BE CLOSED Tuesday, March 17th until further notice.

Please check back here for updates 


During this time, you can always email me with ANY questions you have.

 I will be answering emails between 10:00 a.m.-12:00 pm. & 1:00-2:00 p.m. on Tuesday, Thursday & Friday each week.