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Fall 2019- Strategic Intervention Series


The students are very excited to continue their journey of reading,  and are very excited to share this journey with parents! Look for story worksheets that your child brings home regularly! These can be read aloud at home by your child, as we have practiced here in class!


Most recent skills include

Phonics: Short "a'. end blends "am", and "an",

Comprehension: Predicting/Recall

Grammar: Capitalization

Writing: Complete Sentences/Formulating Ideas

Handwriting: Pull- Down Letters/Two O'Clock Circles


  We continue to  review and strengthen our recognition of the following FRY words:


      and, is, to for, I, but, the, of, a, in, you, that, at, be, this, have, from, are



     We continue to practice our letter identification, and letter-sound fluency, and sight word recognition! Additionally, we will be  reading and writing  basic sentences, using our sight word vocabualry! We will also continue to  review beginning print concepts, such as left to right, top to bottom, and spaces for words! 


Reading short stories at school has also been part of our Basic Skills classroom! 

We also continue to encourage students to read at home, including the "I can read this" practice pages which are sent home. 


Happy Reading Everyone!