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 Parents and Caregivers!  

Here are some helpful hints for the packet of work sent home! Give extra time to complete work if needed,  and frequent breaks to stretch and exercise! Complete even problems only for now. 

Also, check out the learning links on the sidebar, for  workbooks and interactive readers and Go Math access (Think Central Site)!


Basic Skills: Please know  that Amanda Mendes ( and  I are always available  to answer any questions you have regarding the Parallel Instructional Packet/Supplemental materials  sent home for 5th Grade/3rd Grade ELA/Math students, and we will continue to be available to assist and answer questions your children may have regarding educational assignments via! 

Don't hesitate to ask for help! Stay healthy and safe!


5th Grade

We just wanted to clarify the educational packets being sent home with your child. The packets include activities for Math, English Language Arts, Science and Social Studies, etc.  There is more than enough to do for two weeks! Students are to follow the instructions for ELA and Math, completing all EVEN numbers during the next two weeks.  If we need to extend learning beyond that, they can go back and do ODD later.


Students can contact me via my email address for extra help! Our focus is to have the students try their best independently! We understand they will not be able to complete every answer, and will be challenged by some of the problems! Just do the best you can! We will go over packets together when they return to school!


Study Island encompasses your child’s learning standards for the year…It really doesn’t get better than this! The goal is to complete the Study Island Program by May. Take one Math and ELA every other day, 10 questions each, and go for the “Blue Ribbon!” Just do the best you can!


Health packets are also included from Mrs. Bohn, the school nurse.


During the first week, read…”You Are What You Eat”.    During the second week, read…”Growing Up.”


Currently, please continue to check the school’s websites under Ms. Griffith, for educational updates!


I will be available from 10:00 to 12:00 daily for educational direction and assistance via the schools email, at! Students can continue to share essay and writing work on google docs!


 Thank you so very much! Stay healthy and safe! We wish everyone all the best…

 Ms. Hoff- 


 Ms. Mendez- 


 Also, check out the learning links on the sidebar, including the NJ State Department of Educations Parent Link, for resources and information!