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Hoping this finds all happy, healthy and well! The following is an initial "at home" supply list for the school year! Many of these supplies can be obtained reasonably  from Dollar Stores, Walmart, etc. 


General Supplies: pens / pencils / sharpener / composition book / expo markers and small dry erase whiteboard  / lined paper / plastic ruler with both customary and metric measurements/ headphones.


Project Supplies:  Including: glue stick / colored pencils/ markers and or crayons  / scissors / poster board / construction paper.


Students........Remember the following for effective online learning:

*Find a quiet place in the home to set up for your classes/work.

*Keep materials organized and be ready for quick and easy access! This includes pencil/pens/expo marker and whiteboard!

*Be dressed and have  eaten, etc. before classes begin for the day!  Breaks will be given for consecutive class periods!

* Raise hand to speak, unless in an open discussion!  

*Remain focused during classes to maximize potential! 


Feel free to use  sites in the sidebar for easy access to resources and materials!


See you in class!



 Please feel free to contact me with any questions at: