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Welcome to 4th Grade!



All announcements, assignments, and resources can be found in the 4th Grade Google Classroom




Spring Conferences


Please use the link below to schedule a parent teacher conference. All conferences will take place via phone call. When filling out the appointment form, it is important that you provide the number where you wish to be reached for the conference.


I look forward to speaking with you.







Information for Emergency Virtual Learning Days 


Students should start the day, as they do every day:


  • compose a daily journal entry
  • read a selection from the Article-A-Day resource and write in their Book of Knowledge.


Report attendance on all virtual learning days before 8:30 am 

    click here to report 


A schedule specific to the day will be posted in Google Classroom by 8:00am:


  • There will be a Google Meet at 9:10
  • The schedule posted on the Google Classroom Stream page will be an adjusted schedule, based on the circumstances of the day. It is the schedule we will follow.
  • all assignments and resources will be posted on the Google Classroom Classworks page under the day's date. The students are familiar with the use of Google Classroom, 


On virtual learning days, Google Meet is our Classroom


  • It is expected that students will be present at all Meets
  • It is expected that students will complete all of the assignments posted in Google Classroom 
  • Please review the Google Meet expectations posted below with your child




  • Students are expected to complete homework as they would on any other school day.