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Wednesday and Thursday, April 21 & 22, from 2:00-5:00 pm


Welcome to English Language Arts!



Students:  Please go to Google Classroom to access lessons and plans for the day!


8th Grade Daily Schedule

(Mon., Tues., Thurs., Fri.)


8:20-8:38       Homeroom & Breakfast

8:40-9:42       ELA -- Morrison

9:42-10:45      Math -- Salvucci

10:48-11:08     Recess

11:08-11:28      Lunch

11:30-12:10      Science -- Nelson

12:13-12:53     SEL (Social-Emotional Learning) --Coleman/Morrison

12:55-1:35       Social Studies -- Morrison

1:35                 Dismissal


8th Grade Wednesday Schedule


8:20-8:30        Homeroom/Attendance

8:30-9:30         ELA (Morrison)

9:30-10:00       Music

10:00-10:30     Science (Nelson)

10:30-11:00      PE with 7th grade

11:00-11:30       Lunch

11:30-12:00      Math (Smith/Salvucci)

12:00-12:30      PE with 7th grade

12:30-1:00        Art

Note: As Wednesdays are "screen-free" for In-person learners, there will be no Google meets for ELA, Science, or Math. Any assignments given by teachers will not require electronic devices. Teachers will give directions weekly.