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For directions for remote days due to weather, click here "Winter ELA Activites"  or in menu bar to the left.


Welcome to English Language Arts!


   Welcome Back!  While 2020 has brought many challenges to all of us, it has also provided incredible opportunities for growth like no other time in history. As we begin a new adventure together, I look forward in seeing all you can be as a reader and a writer!

Let's get started!!

Students:  Please go to Google Classroom to access lessons and plans for the day!


8th Grade Daily Schedule

(Mon., Tues., Thurs., Fri.)


8:20-8:38       Homeroom & Breakfast

8:40-9:42       ELA -- Morrison

9:42-10:45      Math -- Salvucci

10:48-11:08     Recess

11:08-11:28      Lunch

11:30-12:10      Science -- Nelson

12:13-12:53     SEL (Social-Emotional Learning) --Coleman/Morrison

12:55-1:35       Social Studies -- Morrison

1:35                 Dismissal


8th Grade Virtual Day Schedule--All classes will be with 7th Grade

(Wednesday Only)

8:20-8:40        Homeroom/Attendance

9:00-10:00       Health 

10:00-11:00      Music

11:00-12:00      Art

12:00-12:30      Lunch

12:30-1:30        Technology