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Electricity and Magnetism Webquest

Click ONLY on the links listed in the handout, which are already hyperlinked to the pages you need to read. These links will appear blue. Answer each question with one or more complete sentences.


1. Read the link: The History of Electromagnets.


A. What happens when an electric current passes through a wire? (2.5 Points)






B. How was that fact discovered? (2.5 Points)






2. Now read the introduction: Introduction to How Electromagnets Work.


A. What is the difference between a permanent magnet and an electromagnet? (2.5 Points)






B. What makes these two types of magnets different? (2.5 Points)






3. Read the first paragraph in the next link: The Sticking Power of Electromagnets.


A. What materials are required to make an electromagnet? (2.5 Points)





4. Read the first three paragraphs in the Putting the “Electro” in “Electromagnet” link.


How does electricity create the magnetic field?






5. Now continue to the link: Electromagnets All Around Us


A. Describe how the ideas behind an electromagnet are used in everyday living. (5 Points)