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Watch for daily emails and weekly assignments to be coming via email.  

Please do not stress about the assignments. I have talked to the kids about not worrying, stressing. We are all doing this for the first time.  If something with technology doesn’t work, please don’t stress at all. I am available at any point in the day, you all know that via REMIND, or I will be checking email throughout the day as well. If you want an immediate response, please don’t hesitate to contact me on REMIND app.  Please don’t stress about these assignments or the ones that are digital. I know that things happen and honestly we just want everyone to be healthy.  Digital assignments are coming.  It is review time, so please just know that we are working on reviewing ALL standards in Math.  You are welcome to pick videos on,, use your math book, etc. to review all the skills. 





Students go to schools that they are zoned for by your address...unless you have spoken to the guidance counselor here and told her otherwise


  • Field Trip – Thursday, March 19th (~9:00 – 11:30) No parents
  • Parent Night – Thursday, May 7th (Time TBD)



  • Field Trip – Wednesday, April 1st (~9:00 – 11:30) No parents
  • Parent Night – Thursday, April 2nd (6:00 PM)


Pine Mountain

  • NO Field Trip during school hours
  • Family Night (Students & Parents) – Tuesday, March 31st 6 pm. 



Concentration and focus is key to success when we are putting all of the standards together that we have learned this year for mastery. I have seen great growths.   Please continue to push your child, as they come home.  I am seeing them excel.  Thanks for all of the support this year in having them reach their greatest potential.



Math:   We are working Volume & still reviewing metric measurement  & geometry standards.  This is alot of vocabulary and memorization of definitions.  We will also be reviewing past standards, but focsing on Volume, Measurment & Geometry this quarter.   Homework next for the next few weeks will be based on review skills and current skills. Please know that if they are strugglingn with an past skill, your child will have individualized homework to help with that area. We are doing a lot of lunch and learns to help bridge the gap.   Please continue to see notes in the agenda about standards or areas I see lacking.   We are donig ALL operations with word problems while we review. It is mixed practice. I am reminding your child to bring home his/her Math Journal to help study.  Please look through the Math journal nightly, but please remember to return it daily.  We will write it in everyday.  We have songs we are learning and steps to help with this.  There are a lot of steps that your child will need to complete to get the whole answer correct, reading carefully is key. Please have your child looking over their notes in their Math Journal to review for any quizzes and study the standards taught each day. The Math journal is our DAILY STEP-BY-STEP notes to help them solve the problem. Please use this as a resource.   




Reading: Your child should be UNDERLINING and NUMBERING answers that are found DIRECTLY in texts we are reading.    We are also working on PROVING our answers by underlining and numbering their answers IN the text, so they PROVE that they found the answer they were looking for. 80% of answers can be found RIGHT THERE in the text.


Writing goes hand in hand in ALL subject areas. It is not enough to just write the answer to the question, detailed answers are what is required of most questions. A strategy I use to make sure that they are proving their answers is to go back into the text to find the answers. Most can be found directly in the text when it is looked back upon.  We also have Reading Journals that we write in daily to help cover all standards and learning targets. We are finishing up Persuasive writing.


 Language Arts:   I teach MANY strategies to help with the learning of different standards, hopefully the students will use the strategies to help with their learning.  They have notes in their ELA binder to help with grammar, etc. We are working this week on nouns, proper nouns, pronouns, verbs & helping verbs.   Following directions is KEY!  We will do different activities with the ELA standards.  We are working on Subject & Predicates next week.  Your child has notes on all the different parts of speech. They should be studying them. 




 Spelling: They can log onto and work on the different weeks.  We take tests online and your child will have ample time to study at home while playing games or in their free time in class,
Build vocabulary, literacy, phonics, & spelling skills with VocabularySpellingCity. Improve vocabulary, a core reading skill, with gamified context-rich practice.


if work is finished.  All WEEKS are already online, so they can get on and study for the following week when ever they choose to. 




 Your child has their log in Username and Password written in their agenda's front cover. 


You are also getting a paper today in your child's Friday Folder explaining Spelling City.  ALL weeks spelling words on in the system.


Your child may begin studying over the weekend for the next weeks words, if you choose to. Every Friday there will be a spelling test.  Please look over the website to make yourself aware of what all they can do on it. Games, practice tests, study, vocab, etc.  PLEASE have them study. has games, practice tests, and much more for EVERY weeks words. Week 23 is next weeks words



Social Studies: 1950's-1960's... please have your child reviewing notes. Study guides or pages in books to review will be given to your child to review/study for all quizzes/tests


Science:  Mrs. Riggins will be teaching our class Science.  Her email is if you have any questions about Science.


I will be integrating SS/Science in Reading/L.Arts in my class, so we will be covering standards constantly.  



Things to Remember:   



5th- PTA/Art Show 6 p.m.


16th-20th- Teacher Appreciation week

19th - SMITHA Field Trip – Thursday, March 19th (~9:00 – 11:30) No parents

20th- report cards sent home/raindate for champ campout

27th- PTA International Night

31st- PINE MOUNTAIN Family Night (Students & Parents) – Tuesday, March 31st (Time TBD)




 1st- Lovinggood Middle School Fieldtrip for kids attending 9-11 a.m. (No parents needed)

2nd-Field Day (3-5)

2nd-LOVINGGOOD Parent Night – Thursday, April 2nd (6:00 PM)

3rd- Field Day (K-2)


14th- FIRST DAY of END OF GRADE TESTING!!!  This will go through on and off until end of school. 

More specific dates will follow.

24th- 4 1/2 week progress reports will be sent home

28th- PJ day $1.00 for Relay for Life



1st-5th- Washington D.C. trip 


4th- Last Jr.Chat meeting

SMITHA Parent Night – Thursday, May 7th (Time TBD)

12th- 5th grade Ceremony!  This will take place at Due West United Methodist Church.

Times are still to be determined, but it will be in the morning, usually abotu 9:30/10 a.m. EVERY child will walk across the stage, so if at all possible, you want to be there.  It is a greay day!  If you would like after the ceremony you can check your child out from the church to have a special lunch, if not, they are welcome to come back to school. Students are asked to dress up for this occasion, they do NOT need to go buy new clothes, but a nice outfit as if they are going to a nice dinner somewhere.  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask 


13th- 5th grade party!  This will take place in the afternoon at the school from about 11:45-1:45. 

If you would like to be able to be apart of the planning, please plan on coming to the planning meeting on 1/13/2020 in BONE'S room at 2:30 p.m. IF you do not help with the planning, this is NOT open for parents/fmailies to attend.  


14th- END OF GRADE RETEST if necessary will begin


19th- Early Release


20th- LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! Early Release!

The 5th grade Walk will be around 11:50 a.m. on this day through our halls. This is a walk that our 5th graders do for the last time. It is a memorable event, if you can plan on attending.  You may want to get here a little earlier and go ahead and line up in the hall.  Parking will be bad due to this being an event that many parents come to. 


If you have ANY quesitons about any of the end of year activities don't hesitate to ask. I know this is  A LOT, but I know we are ALL very busy and I want you to be able to plan for these major events at the end of your child's 5th grade year!  




Have a great weekend!










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