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 Mrs. Lisa Bone

Cheathamhill Elementary

5th Grade



All about me!

     This is my 18th year teaching 5th grade, and I love it more today
than when I started at Powder Springs Elementary School right out of college.
WOW! How time flies when you are having fun!
I believe teaching is one of the most rewarding callings in life. I have been married to a wonderful man named Brent for going on 15 years. We have twin sons and one daughter.
Cason and Carter are 12 years old, and are in 7th grade @ Lovinggood Middle.
Maci Jo is 7 going on 16 years old and in the 2nd grade this year here at the Hill.
I love spending time with my family and friends.
We are very involved in our church. Some of my
favorite things to do are travel, go to the beach/pool,
go to the movies, play outside, & eat out. :)

Do Your Job!

      Do Your Job has been my class' motto since I began teaching.  It means 
whatever you need to do, should do, help do, are responsible for doing, DO 
IT!  It is a simple way to keep students on track.  Just 3 little words in 
the bathroom, hall, classroom, lunchroom, buses, playground.  If students are 
taught expectations they will do them, and more!  Do Your Job has always been 
and will always show and help students remember what is expected of them.