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Space Race: 

Math Videos:


Another link for Math videos is


These are all categorized by the concept








 I know this is a very FAST PACED & FULL year,but I have seen a lot of growth alrady and have seen SO much learning taking place.   



*Focusing is KEY!  I have found that this week, I have spent a good amount of time getting kids REFOCUED and working. 



*Your child has ALL of their usernames & passwords on the FRONT page of their agenda.




If you have not done so please make sure you join REMIND.






Math Book: 

Online Math textbook:


Username: ccsd student number (no spaces)


Password: cobbmath


Login Info:


Teacher User ID: ccsde0(enumber)


Password: cobbmath1 


Student User ID: ccsd(student ID)   *Student has to type ccsd before their student number.


Password: cobbmath1




Once logged on:


  • Students would log in as the student. 
  • Click on the menu in the top left corner.  
  • Click on resources and the drop down menu would have Spanish resources. 
  • There is the Spanish student edition, enrich and reteach lessons and vocabulary cards.





This is a WONDERFUL website to use in all subject areas. We assign work to do as well they can practice different skills.  Their usernames/passwords are in the beginning of their agenda with all of the rest of the passwords/usernames.