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Welcome to Mathematics in 5th Grade at Golden Door Charter School!


"Not everything that counts can be counted.

 Not everything that can be counted counts."

~Albert Einstein



Required Materials


Students are expected to bring the following items to every class:


Envisions work book

Envisions homework book

Math notebook

Math Folder with DynaMath Magazine in it

Home/Homework Folder 


A pencil


Students may write in pencil only


Classroom Procedures


Daily routines and procedures are covered extensivley during the first few weeks of school.  Every aspect of classroom management is covered, from how to sharpen a pencil to how to get attention the right way.




Behavioral Expectations / Classroom Rules


 1. Listen carefully. (ears and eyes)

 2. Treat others respectfully.

 3. Raise your hand to speak.

 4. Keep your hands, feet and objects to yourself.

 5. Keep your desk, floor and classroom clean.

 6. Be prepared for class.

 7. Be in learner position at appropriate times.

 8. Follow directions the first time given.

 9. Get attention the right way.

10. Transition quickly and quietly.


Character Education


Above all else, students are encouraged to develop their characters.  Character Ed is taught one period per week and focuses on the following Keys to SuccessCitizenship, Fairness, Kindness, Perseverance, Respect, Responsibility, Self-Discipline, True Friendship, Truth.  Character Ed is graded as Pass/Fail at the end of each quarter.


Disciplinary Procedures 


Golden Door will be managing discipline with the 5th graders differently this year.  We will be joining the Middle School in implementing the Gold Pin System.  On the last week of September, there will be a gold pin ceremony.  The children who have conducted themselves properly throughout the month of September will receive a gold pin.  The criteria for the pin involves behaving properly, taking school seriously, being on task during lessons most/all of the time, being prepared for class most/all of the time, transitioning quickly and quietly, using time wisely, demonstrating the character virtues, etc. 

Bearers of a gold pin will get to participate in any activities on the activity calendar; whether it be during or after school.  If a student was not quite there yet, to receive a gold pin, he/she can always prove themselves and receive one at a later time.  However, if a gold pin student begins to not conduct themselves properly, the pin will be taken away.  Hopefully, that will be a rarity. =) 


Appropriate Consequences for misconduct


Using peer mediation to resolve minor conflicts.

Referring the student to our Social Decision Making Lab. 

Multiple verbal warnings.

Time taken off recess with a substitute activity. 

Contacting parent(s) via e-mail, letter or phone. 

Sending a written referral to Mr. Stiles, Mrs. Lopez or Mrs. LaForge.

Requesting a meeting with parent(s) and student at school. 

Setting a personal behavior plan (including a daily log to monitor progress and reward improvement.)

Revoking attendance at extracurricular activies and/or field trips.


Positive Reinforcement


Weekly raffle with prizes.

Frequent verbal praise and encourgement.

Contacting parent(s) via e-mail, postcard or phone. 

Special passes (no homework, free time during study hall, etc.)

In-class games.

Art and/or music related activities.

Videos, shows, or movies. 

Snacks and treats.

Outdoor activity or field trip.

Classroom party.


Uniform Policy


As you know there is a strict uniform code.  All shoes and sneakers must be completely black, no color on the bottom, the laces, or the logos.  Sneakers may only be worn on gym days.  Shirts must remain tucked in at all times.  All students must wear a black belt and plain colored socks.  Hoodies will only be allowed during cold days, at the teacher's discretion.  Otherwise, all jackets and hoodies must be hung in the cloakroom.  A notice will be sent home if there are repeated issues with uniform policy. 


* Absolutely no electronic devices of any kind will be allowed in the classroom. ELECTRONIC DEVICES MUST BE TURNED OFF AND STORED IN BOOKBAGS UNTIL AFTER DISMISSAL. *





Lateness is not tolerated.  Mr. Stiles will be quite strict about this.  School begins at 7:35 AM.  Children eat breakfast at that time and HOMEROOM STARTS AT 7:45.   1st PERIOD BEGINS AT 8:15; HOWEVER, A STUDENT IS CONSIDERED LATE FOR SCHOOL AT 8:01.  SCHOOL BEGINS AT 8:00.  Please arrange to have your child at school on time.  Students who are late will receive detention from Mrs. Brown, who oversees the attendance policy. 





Please note that it is illegal for us to walk students to double parked cars or to let them go by themselves.  Police will be ticketing anyone who is double-parked.  As such, please park your car and walk up to pick up your child.  Students should understand that they may not leave without telling me.





* * All assignments, quizzes, projects, and tests are visibile by clicking the Calendar tab at the top left of this page. * *

Click on a specific assignment to view details.


Check homework daily.   All homework assignments should also be written in your child’s planner.  It is very important that you review your child’s homework and help them correct any mistakes.  Please do not assume that your child has completed all assignments until you have checked the work yourself. 


Math Homework Policy - Your child's homework is due the next day.  If they come to class without their HW bebcause they left it home, they wll lose a point for participation; however, they will have until the very next day to turn it in before they receive a zero.  If your child forgot altogether, to rip out or bring the HW home, resulting in not doing it, it is an automatic zero.


Keep a set schedule for homework and study time. 


Your child must develop good homework and study habits.  Please schedule a set amount of homework time each evening, preferrably in a quiet place with no distractions (TV, video games, loud music, siblings, etc.)



Math Homework

Homework will  be 1 or 2 pages, including a re-teach (with concept explanation) and/or practice sheet.  Sometimes ALL will be expected to be completed.  Sometimes the odd or even numbered problems will be expected to be completed.  Sometimes specific numbered problems will be expected to be completed.  Please confirm on the Homework section of this site.  The correct info. should also be written in your child's Planner.  They are responsible for know what their homework is.  It is always written on the classroom board.


* Continuous homework if necessary, is to practice and memorize the multiplication facts up to 9.  These should have already been memorized by last year and even from 3rd grade; but if they are not, it's imperative that the facts be memorized. I also provide flashcards for the facts that the children are struggling on, that are expected to be used at home, as well as Study Hall.  For all of September and maybe part of October, they will be having timed drills to increase their memorization and speed on the facts. Please drill your child on the facts frequently.  Knowing the multiplication facts is a pre-cursor to several concepts that will be taught in 5th grade.  I want my students to enjoy math and not struggle with it. =)



Grading Weights

Tests - 40%

Quizzes - 25%

Classwork - 10%

Homework - 15%

Participation - 10%


Participation - Students can receive up to 25 points per week for participation.  They receive a point each day for:

- Coming to class on time

- Staying on task

- Being Prepared (with materials and HW)

- Cooperationg and working well with their group

- Contributing to the class


* Each time a students fails to do these things, they will lose a point.




My preferred method of communication is through e-mail.

Please not that I am unable to check school e-mail from home.  If you send me a message in the evening I will not see it until the next morning.


You may also write a note in your child’s planner or send me a written letter.


You may also leave a voicemail at 201-795-4400 ext. 3209





Special thanks to those of you who have already donated supplies for the classroom.  I can’t tell you how much it is appreciated!   When we get low on something and I can’t afford it myself I usually send a note home requesting donations. 


Common donations include:



Hand Sanitizer


Eraser Caps