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Math:  Properties of multiplication and division 2-5 and 10, place value and problem solving using measurement

Literacy:  Fiction Generes, Tall Tales,  context clues and narratives

Science:  Scientific Methods, Earth, Sun and Stars

Social Studies:  citizenship, local, state and federal government and voting



Math:  Multiplication and division with units of 0, 1, and 6-9, multiples of 10 and area

Literacy: Entreprenaurs, cause and effect, non fiction and text features

Science:  Human body, landforms, matter and forces and motion

Social Studies:Landforms and economics


Spring/End of Year

Math:  Fractions (numbers on a numberline), collecting and displaying data, geometry and measurement word problems.

Literacy:  Biographies,  poetry, comparing and contrasting themes

Science:  Plant, soil, energy and light

Social Studes:  Greek Mythology and folktales