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Algebra 1 


Course Description:

Manipulating expressions, equations and inequalities algebraically to evaluate expressions and solve equations and inequalities.




Model real-world data by two-variable graphing.  By using algebra skills, be able to predict outcomes or




estimate unknown data related to given data. Apply skills from linear equations to inequalities.




Simplify expressions involving exponents and scientific notation.  Model real world problems with exponential growth and decay equations and proportional applications.  Students will begin working with




polynomials.  After naming polynomials they will perform the basic operations on two or more polynomials.




This lesson designed to help students solve quadratic equations by using the Quadratic Formula, factoring,




and graphing. Students will identify the most efficient method for solving a quadratic equation and solve the quadratic equation.




Students will collect, organize, analyze, and describe data. From these data displayed students will make




inferences and convincing arguments based on data analysis. Students will find mean, median, mode and construct histograms, box plots and dot plots.


 Algebra Studture and Method Book 1 :  Algebra Ch 1-7.pdf

                                                                        Algebra Ch 7-12.pdf  

Practice Masters Chapter 1 :  Chapt 1 RM.pdf 

Practice Masters Chapter 2 :  Chapter 2 with test1.pdf