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Welcome to your new job as a 6th grade math student! The following contract will guide you through what you can expect while working as a sixth grader and it will help you to succeed in math this year.  


Attendance/Participation    You are expected to be prepared for class and on time to class every day.  This means you should come in quietly, take out your completed homework and begin the warm up.  Everyone gets sick from time to time, however it is your responsibility to make up any missed work.  Notes should be made up on your own time.  You may do this by borrowing a classmate’s notes at lunch or after school.  Please do not make up missed work in class. If you are absent for a test or quiz you will take it the next day you are in school. If you are out for an extended period of time,  please see me as soon as possible so that we may work out another option.



Your Note Book   Your main task as a 6th grader is to take good notes. Your notebook is the foundation to being successful in math.  We perform how we practice. If you show all of the work all of the time, you will be more successful.   It may take a few seconds longer, but you will remember it for that next test! Don’t forget to be organized.  Notes, examples, and practice problems should all flow chronologically.  There should not be any gaps in your notes.  You should have a folder to keep important papers in.  


Homework    You may expect homework daily.  You are expected to take your notebook home with you daily to assist you in completing your homework.   Please do not do the homework just to get it done.   I will try not to overload you with homework, but to be successful in math we need to practice it and show all of our work!  If you miss a homework assignment for any reason please fill out a missed homework form upon entering the room.  Homework left at home or misplaced counts as a missed homework.  We go over it daily and it must be in class to be checked.  Missed homeworks may not be made up.  Each missed homework will lower your participation average by two points.  After three missed homeworks I will be contacting your home.  Copying of homework will not be tolerated.  Both the person copying the homework and the person who is allowing their homework to be copied will both have to fill out missed homework forms.  



TEST Average 50%  (About one every two weeks)

QUIZ Average 30%  (About one a week)

Daily Average 20%  (homework and participation)

** Tests and Quizzes may not be made up.  Be prepared!

**Any projects will count as a quiz grade.


Internet Component   You can expect weekly assignments on either First-In-Math, Sumdog, or Study Island.  Whenever you finish a class assignment early, you may get a chromebook and work on any of the three sites mentioned above.  I will try to give you time in class each week to work on any internet assignments. You will be expected to complete any internet assignments before playing any math related games on First-in-Math or Sum Dog.  If you are absent you still must complete the missed assignment.  Any missed assignment will count as a missed homework.  Please take advantage of Homework Club and Library Lunch if you need computer/internet time.



Mini Quizzes (This section applies for period 3/4 and 8/9 ONLY)  You can expect a short quiz on each lesson. Typically,  we spend a day learning a concept and then a second day practicing and mastering a concept.  I usually will give the quiz on the second day, however it may be on the first day to keep everyone honest! At the end of the trimester I will average all of your mini quiz grades together and they will be entered as one quiz grade.  If you take all of the mini quizzes I will drop your lowest score.  If you are absent or miss a mini quiz you will not make it up as I do not want you to miss any new material.


Skill Sheets  You will get three skill sheets a marking period.  At the end of the marking period they will be averaged together and counted as a test grade. Each skill sheet will consist of basic skills questions you should already have mastered.  The first two skill sheets each marking period you will be able to take home and you will have a week to complete. You may complete these with a partner or family member. No calculators and you must show all work!  The third and final one each marking period will be done in class and individually.



Extra Credit/Extra Help  Every test will contain an extra credit opportunity.   There will be no additional extra credit.  I get bombarded at the end of the marking period with requests that are never granted. You need to care as much about your grade at the beginning and middle of the marking period as you do at the end! Extra help is available, please contact me and we will work something out.  


Why We Learn Math   We learn math for various reasons.  Computational skills are important in a number of areas of daily life.  You always want to know how much change to receive back from a cashier.  At some point you may want to budget for a family trip.  You may find yourself cooking for a large family gathering and needing to manipulate a recipe.  You may one day find yourself in charge of a building project.  You may one day find yourself managing a professional sport team.  Probably the most important reason for learning math is help you to become an independent thinker and better problem solver.


Contact Information   The best way to reach me is via email at .  Please contact me with any questions or concerns.