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Lunch Buddies


Group will begin in October 2013

What is Lunch Buddies?

Lunch Buddies is a 6 week Social Skills Program for Kindergarten Students.  Lunch Buddies was developed to address social skill areas important to kindergarten students.  These include:  Compromising, being flexible, being a good sport, dealing with problems, dealing with anger, and dealing with teasing.   Each session one of these topics will be presented, and the group will participate in an activity related to this skill.  A summary of these skills will be provided to the parents and teachers so that the skills can be practiced throughout the day.


When Will Lunch Buddies be held?

Lunch Buddies will be held during Kindergarten Recess/Lunch Period.  The group will be held one time a week for 6 weeks.


Who will be leading Lunch Buddies? 

Mrs. Christy Stack, LCSW will be leading the Lunch Buddies Group.  Mrs. Stack is the School Social Worker for the Margate School District.  Mrs. Stack can be reached at 822-2080 X332.


How does my child sign up for Lunch Buddies?

To sign up for Lunch Buddies, the permission slip below needs to be signed and returned to Mrs. Stack.  Once the permission slip has been returned, you will receive a letter outlining the topics and the date the group will begin.


Please click here for Lunch Buddies permission slip