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phone #:  (239) 369-6108



  My name is Daphne González and I will like to welcome you, as well as your child, to my class. I believe that good communication is essential between parents and teacher.  The most convenient form of communication, I have found, is through e-mail.  We are very fortunate to have a wonderful technology at LAMS and I urge you to use e-mail since I check it several times a day and can get back to you with a reply in just minutes.  

  My e-mail address at school is:

  Thank you so much for your cooperation and I look forward to working with you and your son/daughter this school year in Math.

Daphne González
Pre-Algebra and Geometry


Tel. (239) 369-6108 Ext. 1273




Google Classroom Codes


Period 1/2        Pre-Algebra              xbz3yq    

Period  3/4       Honors Geometry    rmw0xi    

Period 5/6        Pre-Algebra              rk4nw4

Period 9/10      Pre-Algebra              yttegh7