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Leadership Education Levels, Credit, Disenrollment


Introduction. The MCJROTC curriculum is built on a “building block” system. A student is required to start and satisfactorily complete the Leadership Education I level before advancing to the next level, and so on, until completion of the Leadership Education IV level if desired. Students may enroll in MCJROTC at any grade level while in high school; however, they are still required to start at the Leadership Education I level.


Leadership Education I (LE I).  Designed for first year MCJROTC cadets, LE I emphasizes followership, development of leadership traits, and Marine Corps customs, drill and ceremonies.


Leadership Education II (LE II).  For second year MCJROTC cadets, LE II concentrates on leadership theory, style, and principles.  Cadets begin to assume leadership roles in the cadet battalion.  The second semester of LE II concentrates on the area of Personal Growth and responsibility and health.  Completing the second semester of LE II satisfies the State of Louisiana graduation requirement for one semester of health.


Leadership Education III (LE III).  The third year course concentrates on leadership application.  Third-year students normally fill the majority of cadet leadership positions.  Citizenship and Public Service are also emphasized in LE III.


Leadership Education IV (LE IV).  The fourth year curriculum concentrates on leadership application, citizenship, and career exploration.  Fourth year students act as student instructors and fill the highest leadership positions in the cadet battalion.


Academic Credit.  Credit on the basis of one-half credit per semester is awarded for the satisfactory completion of each Leadership Education level of instruction.  Completion of LE I and LE II satisfies the Louisiana high school graduation requirements for physical education. The second semester of the LE II year satisfies the state requirement for a health credit.  LE III and LE IV each count as elective credits.


Disenrollment. The Senior Marine Instructor may disenroll a cadet from the MCJROTC unit with the approval of the principal of the school for any of the following reasons:

  • ·        Failure to maintain standards for enrollment.
  • ·        Lack of aptitude, indifference to training, disciplinary infractions, or undesirable traits of character, to include repeated failure to dress out.
  • ·        Request of the individual cadet with written parental permission and guidance counselor approval.
  • ·        Found guilty of a misdemeanor or felony.
  • ·        Misuse/deceptive use of excuses to avoid training.