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Promotion Policy

Background.  Historically, promotions (advancements in rank) have been used to reward the hard work of members of a unit or organization.  Promotions recognize the dedication to the ideals of a unit and the contributions of individual members to the success of that unit.  Promotions within the MCJROTC are designed to accomplish the same objectives.


Promotion Criteria.  The following criteria will be used to determine eligibility for promotion within the MCJROTC.


  • General attitude of the cadet under consideration.
  • Voluntary involvement in MCJROTC activities.
  • Military appearance of the cadet.
  • MCJROTC grades.
  • Academic standing of the cadet in all subjects.
  • Conduct of the cadet.


Procedures. All first year MCJROTC cadets will enter the cadet battalion as privates.  There will be two scheduled promotion periods each year to consider each cadet for promotion to the next higher rank.  These promotion periods will be after completion of the first six-week period in each semester.  Meritorious promotion of cadets considered worthy of special recognition can be effected at any time, at the discretion of the Senior Marine Instructor and the Marine Instructor.


A cadet promotion board, consisting of cadet officers from the battalion staff, will make promotion recommendations on all enlisted cadets at each regularly scheduled promotion period.  These recommendations will be given to the Senior Marine Instructor, who is the final promotion authority on all promotions.  The Senior Marine Instructor and the Marine Instructor will determine cadet officer promotions.


Cadet Officers and noncommissioned officers occupy positions of trust and confidence.  They are duly appointed representatives of the Senior Marine Instructor and, within the scope of their assigned duties, exercise the authority delegated to them by the Senior Marine Instructor.  They are expected to actively support and enforce all rules and regulations of the cadet battalion and Ponchatoula High School.  In this regard, attainment and retention of a particular cadet rank is not an automatic feature of the MCJROTC program.  Cadet Officers and NCOs will be selected on a competitive basis.


There is ample opportunity for cadets to become involved in MCJROTC activities on a voluntary basis.  The drill, rifle, physical fitness, tug-of-war, and color guard teams are demanding extracurricular activities which require commitment to achieving mental and physical excellence.  Cadets involved in extracurricular teams and volunteer activities demonstrate a desire to serve their school and the MCJROTC program.  In most cases, these cadets will be considered for promotion before others who have not been involved.