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Leader's Code of Ethics


The following code of ethics will be implemented in the Ponchatoula High School Marine Corps JROTC. All cadet leaders are expected to adhere to this code of ethics in order to make the Cadet Corps at Ponchatoula High successful.


  • When a cadet leader is on campus or at a school function, he/she is expected to exercise the fourteen essential leadership traits at all times.


  • He/she is expected to employ the eleven leadership principles when dealing with his/her duties and responsibilities.


  • Cadet leaders are expected to exemplify the ultimate in ethical and moral behavior.


  • He/she must never lie, cheat, or steal, or condone anyone who does.


  • He/she must show a level of maturity, dedication, trust, and dependability that will strengthen his/her ability to lead and guide others.


  • He/she is expected to do the right thig: to adhere to a higher standard of conduct; and lead by example.


  • The cadet leader is expected to be committed to achieving a standard of excellence in every endeavor with his/her class and with the MCJROTC unit.


  • He/she will not willfully disobey or disregard any rules or regulations of Ponchatoula High School or the MCJROTC cadet corps, which would set a bad example for other cadets or students.


  • He/she will treat all fellow students, teachers, faculty, and staff with courtesy, respect, and dignity.


  • He/she will be committed to helping other cadets achieve success in high school.


  • The cadet leader must consistently conduct him/herself  with class and character. The leaders behavior on campus and at school sponsored activities must never bring discredit to him/herself, the cadet corps or Ponchatoula High School.