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Discipline and Conduct


1.  General.  A continuous state of discipline will be maintained to facilitate achievement of the mission of the MCJROTC program.  Cadets are expected, at all times, to conduct themselves in a manner that reflects credit upon their school and the cadet battalion.  Willful infraction of rules and regulations will not be tolerated.


2.  Military Courtesy.  Members of the MCJROTC program are expected to exhibit a high degree of military courtesy at all time to all persons.


  • When required by custom or regulation, cadets in uniform will render the proper salute to all commissioned officers of the Armed Forces of the United States and those of its allies.
  • During military periods, when required by custom or regulation, cadets in uniform will render proper salutes to all cadet officers of the MCJROTC.
  • During military periods, cadets will address each other by their rank.
  • Cadets reporting to the MCJROTC office will knock three times and enter when given permission.  Report to the SMI or MI and state your business.  Cadets will enter the office for business only.
  • The telephone in the office is a business phone.  It may, if necessary, be used by cadets, with the permission of the SMI or MI.  Routine phone calls during school will be made from the pay phone in the main office.
  • All rules and regulations set forth by Ponchatoula High School will be strictly enforced.


3.  Conduct. 


Classroom and JROTC Building.  The classroom procedures set forth in the front of this handbook will be strictly adhered to.  Cadets are expected to conduct themselves with the proper decorum within the MCJROTC spaces.  These are your spaces and you are responsible for taking care of them.




  • The head will remain free of trash and debris. 
  • Spills from the soap dispenser will be wiped  off  the lavatory and the floor.
  • Commodes and urinals will be flushed after each use.
  • Cadets observing inappropriate behavior in the head, or other MCJROTC spaces,  will report the name of the guilty party to the SMI or MI.
  • The Platoon Commander is responsible for ensuring that the MCJROTC spaces are left clean after each class period.