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Dissemination of Information.


The Cadet Battalion Commander is responsible for announcements which the SMI desires to be made to the Cadet Battalion.  In the absence of the Battalion Commander, the Battalion Executive Officer is responsible. Published orders and memoranda will be posted on the bulletin board in the classroom.  Each cadet is responsible for compliance with the information posted.  Failure to check the bulletin board is not an acceptable excuse for noncompliance with posted orders/information.


Other orders/instructions may be passed through the chain-of-command and through the web sites of the instructors.


Organization.  The Ponchatoula High School Marine Corps JROTC is organized as a Cadet Battalion, with six platoons, coinciding with the six class periods in the school day.  Each platoon will consist of three or four squads and the platoon staff.


Honor Code.


 Honor may be defined as that quality in a person which shows him to be fair and truthful, in word and act, to himself/herself and his/her associates.  It suggests devotion to such standards of right, loyalty, courage, and conduct that have been embedded in our American society.  Honor includes a delicate sense of right and wrong and a proud awareness of responsibility.  Honor is the relationship between a person and his/her own conscience.  Ultimately, honor depends on you, an individual, a Marine Corps Cadet, and a citizen of your country.


 Your word as a cadet is your bond.  Unless your word is reliable and trustworthy, respect will not be created in fellow cadets.  A high sense of integrity must be maintained at all times, keeping in mind that resourcefulness, decisiveness, fidelity, adaptability, stability, forcefulness, moral courage, and fairness are necessary ingredients for all cadets.


The development of character and integrity among its members is a basic objective of the Marine Corps JROTC program at Ponchatoula High School.  The Honor Code is a primary means through which this objective is attained.  The principles of the Code are that a cadet does not lie, cheat, or steal, and will discourage others from doing so.  This requires complete integrity in both word and deed form all members of the Cadet Battalion and permits no deviation from those standards.  An integral part of the Honor Code is that a cadet’s word or signature is to be trusted.


There is no honor board which administers punishment to those breaking the Honor Code.  No punishment for violation of the Honor Code is stronger than that administered by the cadet’s own conscience.  Repeated violations of the Honor Code, or violations which bring discredit to the Cadet Battalion, however, may result in dismissal from the JROTC, at the discretion of the SMI and the Principal.