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Classroom Procedures


1.  When reporting to the JROTC building for class, cadets will go directly to their assigned desk, place their belongings out of the way, and stand beside the desk at the position of attention until the roll is called.  When your name is called, answer “Here Sir” and sit down.  If the instructor is not present, the platoon commander will take charge, call the roll, and have the class prepared for instruction.


2.  Once seated, cadets may leave only with the permission of the instructor.  There will be no talking after roll call unless you are called on.


3.  You will use “Yes Sir/Ma’am” or “No Sir/Ma’am” with all instructors, school officials, teachers, adults, and cadet officers.


4.  Do not bring tobacco products, food, candy, or gum into the classroom. Drinks are only allowed when authorized by the instructor.


5.  When an instructor, school official, or visitor enters the classroom the first cadet who sees the person will call the class to attention by saying (loudly) “ATTENTION ON DECK.”


6.  Profanity is not allowed.


7.  Do not sit on desks or tables.


8.  If you have a question, raise your hand.


9.  There will be no sleeping in class.  Eyes closed or heads on desks is considered sleeping.  Sleepy cadets will stand in the rear of the classroom until they can return to their seats and stay awake.


10.  A respectful, positive attitude is required.  More cadets will get into trouble because of their attitude than their actions.


11.  The Plan of the Week, Uniform of the Week, and other pertinent information will be posted on the bulletin board in the classroom.  Failure to check the bulletin board is not an acceptable excuse for failing to meet requirements.


12.  Only official written excuses are accepted for reentry or late entry into the classroom.


13.  Before you leave class, pick up all trash and paper around your desk.  The room will be clean when you leave.


14.  Cadets are not allowed to enter the heads during class time, except as specifically authorized by the instructor.


15.  Cell phones, iPods, etc., will not be visible nor turned on.