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 Students in Kindergarten attend both Media and Computer Keyboarding classes to learn about libraries, literature, and what computing has to offer.  Students in first through fifth grade attend Media class once a week to develop problem-solving skills using multiple resources in a variety of formats.  They will learn to use computer applications to assist the processes of reading and writing, to develop their ability to comprehend text, and practice keyboarding skills.  They will also learn that reading is the means to succeeding in any endeavor.  Book borrowing is on a rotating basis.


Use the weblinks on the left to access; Tumble Books, an online reading resource, World Book reference resource, in English and Spanish, and other eductional websites.  Bookmarks with login information will be given to students within the first few weeks of school.


  All student families are responsible for the safe return of borrowed materials.


Please take advantage of the Dover Public Library to keep reading a family experience. 

Remember, the Stanley L. Schoonmaker Media Center is the largest sharing program at NDE! 
To benefit all students everyone must be a responsible borrower.