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                                                    Please read carefully all the way to the bottom. Thank you!

                                                                                                                                                                     August 2021

Dear Parents, 


I am so excited to be your child’s teacher this year as he/she begins this wonderful life long journey of learning. I am sure many of you are experiencing this for the first time and others may already have gone through this new and thrilling time.  Please know that I am here to make sure that your child has a rewarding and positive first year of school. I am really looking forward to the start of the year so I can get to know everyone.  The following information should answer many of the questions you may have to get us all off to a super start!                                       So...Please read CAREFULLY  below!



  • Your child will need a backpack that is easy for him or her to carry. Please  have your child’s name written on it and a bus pass attached (if applicable). 

  • Please do not send backpacks with wheels. They do not fit in the cubbies and are difficult to maneuver up and down the stairs. 

  • Have your child practice putting his/her things inside and zipping it up! This is a great way to practice self-help skills and helps to prepare them for packing up at dismissal time. 


Pocket Folder

  • I will supply your child with a pocket folder. This folder will contain important notes, messages not only on the first day, but throughout the school year. It will also have your child’s school work inside.

  • Please check and empty it every night with your child.And it MUST BE RETURNED in your child’s backpack EVERY DAY. This helps to foster responsibility and ownership. It is a great “point of discussion” as well!

Kindergarten Supplies

The children will need the following supplies for the beginning of the school year. Some of you may have already purchased these items through the PTO. 


  • 6 or more Elmer’s glue sticks  -  Large size please

  • 3 boxes of 24 Crayola crayons

  • 2 boxes of  Crayola markers  - 1 pack of thin and 1 pack of broad tip 

  • 1 pair of Fiskar children’s scissors 

  • 4  chisel tip dry erase markers (Expo brand recommended)

  • 1 watercolor paint box (includes a small paint brush and paint squares)

  • 1 box of regular yellow pencils with erasers

The following are optional but always appreciated.  They will be used in our writing and art center.

  • scotch tape, staples, letter/alphabet stickers, pencils with erasers. We always, always need extra glue sticks too. Thank you!!

Related Arts - “Specials

  • A schedule will be in your child’s folder the first day to keep at home and also on the Teacher’s Website.

  • *Physical Education: On P.E. days, children wear sneakers or they cannot participate for safety reasons.


  • Specials Schedule   Time:  11:30 - 2:20

    Monday - PE   *  Sneakers MUST be worn in order to participate

    Tuesday - PE   *  

    Wednesday - Art

    Thursday - Quest  

    Friday - Music     


Birthday Celebrations

  • Due to the wide spread of food allergies, we will not be celebrating birthdays with food treats.  We will however, celebrate birthdays with a birthday “desk decoration” that I have for all birthday girls and boys!  On the day of your child’s birthday celebration you are welcome to send in a Birthday Mylar balloon that we will attach to your child’s chair.  



 Ziploc Bag of Trinkets & Play Items

  • This year, due to health concerns, we are asking each child to bring in A QUART SIZE ZIPLOC BAG filled with a few items or trinkets that your child would enjoy playing with at their desk during their “break time..” These items will not be touched or shared with any classmates. It will be kept in your child’s personal container. This baggy will be brought home every now and then to be replaced with new items.  Suggestions: small plastic animals, lego guys, tiny dolls, cars, small puzzle, etc.


Refillable Water Bottle, Mask and Ziploc Bag

  • Please send in a labeled refillable water bottle for your child daily.  Children will not be drinking from water fountains but they will be able to fill their own water bottles from our hydration stations. 

  • Please send in an additional mask in a labeled Ziploc bag daily.  It is important to have an extra mask handy should your child’s mask fall on floor, get wet etc.  **A lanyard attached to the mask is a helpful tool in keeping the mask from falling to the ground and staying on your child during mask breaks.**



  • Snack is 10 -15 minutes once a day. Please send in a healthy snack each day. Make sure it is something your child likes and it is SMALL. We do not share snacks due to food allergies and potential germs. Again, the snack should be small. I (or the nurse) am not allowed to give snacks to children who have forgotten a snack from home. So sorry.

  • I encourage healthy snacks as they will give us the energy that we need for the day rather than the up and down energy levels from sugary snacks. Some suggestions may include a fruit, vegetables, crackers, cheese, small bag of pretzels, raisins, or yogurt. 

  • Again, it is important that your child come to school daily with a small snack in addition to their daily lunch routines.  Please pack or label your child’s snack so he/she does not confuse it with lunch!!!


Lunch/Outdoor Recess  11:50 - 12:40     Lunch first THEN recess

Children will be eating in the cafeteria. Children can bring their lunch from home.

  • Lunch aides will be assisting the children every day during recess and lunchtime.. Your Kindergartener will go to lunch first and then to recess.

  • If your child wishes to purchase lunch, please send money in an envelope or baggy labeled with: 
            Your child's name (first and last)
            Lunch $ and amount
            K - Mrs. Baliko

  • You may also pay in advance by putting money into your child’s online lunch account. This is the easiest way. No money to carry around, forget or lose. For more information on the menu, pricing, purchasing and setting up a lunch account please visit 

  • A monthly lunch menu is posted online each month.  It’s helpful for them to know what they are buying before they come to school so they can choose their lunch when they arrive in the morning. 


Morning Arrival 

  • Students are allowed to come into the building starting t 8:30. They will go straight to their classroom. School begins at 8:45. Please have your child in school by 8:30. I know drop takes a while too. No worries. It takes a little while for kindergarteners to unpack and settle down. Our classroom is Room 120 on Acceptance Avenue and located right next to the main office. It’s easy to find! Teachers will be there to help your child find our room.

  • Please wear the LCS visor! It will have your child's name and dismissal information written on it.  This will help teachers direct any students who are unsure of where to go. I will be giving those out on September 2nd - Meet the teacher Day. 

  • Please wear it TO SCHOOL every day for the first 2 weeks.


                                 *****Again - Please wear it EVERY DAY for the first 2 weeks of school.*******


  • And always: Remember to be encouraging and positive to set the tone for your child! They will follow your lead. Let them know how proud you are of them and that they are ready for Kindergarten!


        Dismissal                 IMPORTANT!!!!

  • PLEASE HAVE YOUR CHILD’S DISMISSAL INFORMATION READY TO SHARE WITH ME DURING OUR ZOOM MEET AND GREET. Let me know whether they will be a car rider, bus rider, or riding home with an older sibling.

  • All Liberty Corner students are walked to their dismissal location by a teacher.

  • Change in dismissal - If there is a change in your child’s dismissal, please notify the office staff (Mrs. Barth and Mrs. Kaiser  908-204-2550 ext. 100) or email AND cc ALL 3 of us at: [email protected][email protected] and [email protected]   Please do this as EARLY as possible 

  • Getting home safely is super important!!!  Thank you.




Student Absences

  • If your child is absent please notify the nurse, Robin Youtkis, by phone at 908 204-2550 ext. 104 or email [email protected] the morning of your child’s absence and email please as well. Thank you!


Home School Connection

  • I will be communicating with you throughout the school year and please do the same with me. It is important for us to work together to ensure that your child has a rewarding Kindergarten experience. Anytime you need to speak to me it is best and quickest to contact me by email at [email protected] or to send a note with your child and I will get back to you as quickly as possible. I will also be sending newsletters home every other Friday. It will inform you of the exciting learning taking place in our classroom and any upcoming events and important dates. I will also send emails with updates regarding important dates and messages.


I look forward to speaking to you and your son or daughter on  ZOOM on the 26th and THEN meeting you at our

OPEN HOUSE "Meet the Teacher" on September 2nd from 1:00-1:30. This will be a brief hello to meet  and see our classroom. Parents and students are asked to promptly leave at 1:30 so the next grade can meet their teacher in a safe and less crowded environment. Thank you for understanding. If by chance, you cannot make it to the Open House - Meet the Teacher on Sept. 2nd, then I will see your little one on the first day of school - September 8, at 8:30.


I am truly looking forward to a very exciting year of learning with your child. Enjoy the rest of  summer.



Mrs. Beth Baliko