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Dear Parents,                                                                                                                                           August 2020                                                                                                        


Welcome to Kindergarten! I am excited that your child will be in my class this year! I would like to take this opportunity to let you know that I value your child's education and safety. If there is anything that you would like to share with me about your child, feel free to send email me. I can remember having so many questions myself when my kids started kindergarten. I want to help ease any anxiety you may have with the information below. I look forward to meeting you and working with you this year. If you need to reach me at any time please send a note by email:



                                                                          Mrs. Beth Baliko



                                                               Important Information to Keep Handy

                                                                      Please Read Carefully



Back Packs


       *   I would like you to think strongly about getting a backpack for your child. It isn't absolutely necessary but wouldn't it be fun?

           More importantly, it could also become your child's place to keep important papers and other kindergarten items.  I suggest that

           your child have it nearby or on the back of their chair when we have class.  It should be ready to go before our first Zoom of the  


       *  Have your child practice putting his/her things inside their backpack and zipping it up! This is a great way to practice      

          independence. Organization is a great life-skill and it's not too early to start.


Pocket Folder

      *   I suggest getting a pocket folder ( pocket on both sides) and allowing your child to keep important papers or finished work in the

           folder. This is good practice for now and will help prepare then for in-school organization.





Also, If you did not order a supply kit from PTO, there are a few school supplies that are needed for the beginning of the year.

 Please keep in your backpack


     *   3 boxes of 24 count Crayola crayons

     *   2 boxes of Crayola markers (1 box fine tip - 1 box broad tip)

     *   6 LARGE glue sticks - LARGE only please

     *   1 pair of Fiskar brand scissors

     *  1 paint box (includes  small brush with oval shaped watercolors)

     *  1 Pack of Crayola colored pencils with erasers



   *     During the day , we will have time allotted for a snack. Please be sure to have something small and nutritious that will satisfy a  

         rumbling tummy. Your child can keep this in the backpack. I encourage a small healthy snack.



Specias Schedule   Time:  11:05 - 11:35

Monday - Art

Tuesday - Music

Wednesday - Library/Tech (alternating weeks)

Thursday - PE  

Friday - PE       


Birthday Celebrations

      *  Due to food allergies, teachers don't celebrate birthdays with food at LCS. We can, however, celebrate them in our virtual

         classroom for now. Please attach a mylar balloon to the back of your child's chair on the day of his or her birthday. (Summer

         birthdays will be celebrated in June.) Provide a VERY special snack that day for your child and we will sing and make your child  

         feel awesome!


Morning Arrival in the Virtual Classroom

      * For the first few days of school, Kindergarten students will be focusing on getting to know me, one another and the tools we need  

        to navigate learning on the computer. We WILL become a classroom family but it takes time.

     * DRESS- I believe that the way we dress sets the attitude towards learning. Please DO NOT allow your child to wear pajamas to  

      our virtual classroom. All breakfast food and drinks should be finished and out of sight. Your child should be ready to go.



Student Absences

     *    If your child is absent notify the nurse, Robin Youtkis, by phone at 908-204-2550 ext. 104 or email 

 before the start of school in the morning of your child's absence.




Communication– Communication is essential for a successful year. Look for my newsletter on my website

every other Friday. This is one of the many ways I communicate with you. It will highlight the activities and skills worked on during the week and a reminder of upcoming events. It is important for us to work together to ensure that your child has a rewarding Kindergarten experience this year.


                       Thank you in advance for your cooperation. It is going to be a unique and terrific year!


                                                                                    My Best,

                                                                                Mrs. Beth Baliko