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                       Welcome to Mrs. Baliko's Kindergarten!                           
                       Welcome to Kindergarten at Liberty Corner School! Kindergarten
                       is a wonderful place where your child will learn many new things
                       and grow in many different ways. The Kindergarten program 
                       focuses on developmentally appropriate activities for social,
                       emotional, physical, and cognitive development. Our curricu-
                       lum  intergrates Language Arts, Social Studies, Mathematics,
                       Science, and Health.

                       The classroom environment provides the student with opportunities
                       to participate in learning to explore, discover, and problem 
                       solve while developing positive social skills.

                       My goals for your child include instilling in them a love for learn-
                       ing, giving them confidence to do their best at all times, and to 
                       develop an understanding that it is okay to make mistakes. After
                       all, "kindergarten" is a German word meaning "children's garden" a
                       place to blossom and grow and to put down roots that will help them
                       love learning and exploring for the rest of their lives.