Mr. Georgetti

Sixth Grade Social Studies - Room 118

908-204-2610 Ext. 321





Binder Organization

*It is suggested you obtain a 1 inch binder for this course.  If you prefer, you can use an AM/PM binder however.

*Your social studies binder should be divided into three sections:

        ---  Current Unit Section

        ---  Permanent Items

        ---  Tests and Quizzes


You will need the following supplies for social studies

1. Colored pencils

2. Pens/pencils/erasers

3. Section dividers for binder

4. Highlighter

5. Loose-leaf paper

6. White-out

7. Binder and Binder-Dividers


Important Annoucements

  1.  In the event of a snow day, or other emergency closing, please remember to check the website for possible assignments.
  2. If we have a snow day, or emergency closing, on the the day a test is scheduled, the test will be given the day we return from school.