Special Education Staff

          2016 – 2017 School Year




   Director of Special Education


Dr. Michelle CarneyRay-Yoder
822-2080 ext. 300
Email: mcarney-ray@margateschools.org



Child Study Team

Dr. Jacque L. Jones, PsyD
School Psychologist &
Case Manager Grades 5-8

 822-2353 ext. 104 Tighe
Email: jjones@margateschools.org

Mrs. Christy Stack, LCSW
School Social Worker &
Case Manager Grades PreK-4

822-2080 ext. 332 Ross


Mr. Mark Winterbottom
Learning Disabilities Teacher/Consultant

822-2353 ext. 145
Email: mwinterbottom@margateschools.org

Speech/Language Specialists

Mrs. Victoria Morreale

822-2353 ext. 107 Tighe

822-2080 ext. 354 Ross
Email: vmorreale@margateschools.org

Mr. Kevin O'Hare
822-2353 ext. 107 Tighe

822-2080 ext. 354 Ross
Email: kohare@margateschools.org




Mrs. Sandy Grob, OTR/L
Occupational Therapist
Therapeutic Bridges to Learning

Mrs. Kimberly Vona, PT
Physical Therapist





Mrs. Carol Gitto
Secretary to the Director of Special Education
822-2080 ext. 300
Email: cgitto@margateschools.org

Mrs. Trish Caffrey
Child Study Team Secretary
822-2080 ext. 352
Email: tcaffrey@margateschools.org


Special Education Teachers 


Ms. Jennifer Baang 
822-2353 ext. 129 Tighe 

Email: jbaang@margateschools.org


Mrs. Kristie Cafiero 
822-2353 ext. 122 Tighe 
Email: kcafiero@margateschools.org


Mrs. Chrissy Catona 
822-2080 Ross 
Email: ccatona@margateschools.org


Mrs. Barbara Cunningham

822-2080 ext. 360 Ross

Email: bcunningham@margateschools.org

Mrs. Lisa Drexler

822-2353 ext. 118 Tighe

Email: ldrexler@margateschools.org

Mrs. Suzanne Forte

822-2080 ext. 360 Ross
Email: sforte@margateschools.org

Mrs. Anita Grimley 
822-2080 ext. 324 Ross 
Email: agrimley@margateschools.org


 Ms. Margo Juliano
822-2353 ext. 3337 Ross


 Ms. Mindi Martins
822-2080 ext. 324 Ross
Email: mmartins@margateschools.org


 Mrs. Eileen Midure
822-2353 ext. 131 Tighe

Mr. Louis Sanchez

822-2353 Tighe
Email: lsanchez@margateschools.org 



Mrs. Danielle Ujcich

822-2353 Tighe 
Email: lsanchez@margateschools.org