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                              Third Grade in 2017-18

 Happy 2018! I look forward to continuing our great year and continuing our learning.

This quarter, we will work on the skills listed below:

Reading-analyzing text structure of fiction and nonfiction passages, understanding sequencing in passages, thinking about vocabulary, and making inferences

Writing-persuasive writing, writing introductory and concluding sentences

Grammar- adverbs, conjunctions, editing paragraphs

Social Studies-branches of government, need for government, characteristics of money

Science-matter, gravity, sun and stars

Math- fractions, area and perimeter, time and money, and 2-d and 3-d shapes.


Some important dates to remember are:


May 1 and May 2- FSA Reading test

May 8 and 9- FSA Math test

May 16-18-Survivor

May 23-3rd grade end of year awards






Please use the links at the left to find some information about curriculum, homework and recommended websites. There are some fun ways for your child to get practice on their reading and math skills. If you have any questions, please contact me at




The purpose of Bayshore Elementary School is to provide all students an educational foundation that builds skills for independent thinking, instills a love of learning for life, and develops the attitude and character to be respectful and responsible citizens.












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