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This cycle course meets everyday over the first part of the first marking period (approximately 20 days). The course is typically broken down into two parts, both dealing with methods of transportation. The first unit studied, "Air and Space", has students construct a model rocket that is launched and measured upon completion. The second unit, "Land", has the students research, design, develop and construct a CO2 Metric Dragster that is raced in class.  All the above will be covered in some way, shape or form should we return to full day in-person classes. However, below is a short snapshot of how we will be adapting to our new learning environment.


Presently, students are watching a video that details the assembly of a model rocket from start to finish. Upon the completion of the film, students will begin developing their own rocket, step by step, following insstructions given by me in our daily zoom meeting. Additional help will be offered (students may stay after) or by watching video on their own that will be uploaded to our classroom after we watched as a class.


Please stay tuned for more updates and announcements!