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In order to be more reflective of the printing industry today a course in digital photography is suggested. This course introduces the student to the following: good elements of photographic compostition, the evolution of photography from the camera obscura to digital, various types of digital cameras, capture-transfer-storage of images, film and picture scanning, computerized image manipulation and printing. Students will be assigned various themed projects throughout the year that require pictures being taken during class or on their own outside of class. Digital cameras are supplied but students may opt to use their own. Students may also be using 35mm cameras and the dark room loading, developing and processing black and white film and prints. All the above will be covered in some way, shape or form should we return to full day in-person classes. However, below is a short snapshot of how we will be 


Presently, students are working either in hybrid cohorts or in full remote; using one or both photo editing apps (Pixelmator Photo or ACDSee Pro) to complete various assigned animal enhancements and biographies from the Philadelphia Zoo. To date, we are about at the half way mark for the second quarter. We will complete this ongoing (daily) animal submission next Wednesday that will take us into the winter break.


Please stay tuned and check in often for updates that are posted.