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An introductory course designed to give the student a general understanding of the artistic and mechanical aspects of woodworking. The student's introduction to physical and technical skills in woods will include the development of scaled models, basic wood projects, basic construction and artistic design. Students must successfully complete this course in order to advance to the next level. All the above will be covered in some way, shape or form should we return to full day in-person classes. However, below is a short snapshot of how we will be 


Presently, students are working in full remote; having learned about different types and styles of bridges. Students are now doing independant research looking for what they consider to be the best design. Once found, students will create a set of plans (consisting of three views) in order to build their model bridges from 15 pieces of 24" bass wood. Once completed, students will have the opportunity to test their final designs for maximum efficiency. 


Please stay tuned and check in often for updates that are posted.