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Introduction To Business






Course Overview


This course is designed to introduce students to the exciting world of business. Major areas of study include economics, business ethics, management, and entrepreneurship. Other areas of study will include various components affecting business, marketing, technology, and career paths.


Students will learn the about the concepts of wants and needs, scarcity, the factors of production and various economic systems. Students will study different types of economic measurements and the phases of the business cycle. Additionally, business ethics and social responsibility of businesses will be discussed and explored throughout the entire course.


Students will gain a fundamental knowledge of owning and operating a business. They will learn about entrepreneurship and the types of business ownership. Students will examine the managerial functions of a business and learn about the styles and qualities of various business leadership models. 


Students will learn how businesses are affected by technology, the global economy and by governments. They will learn about the importance of business culture and diversity in the workplace. The basics of marketing, market research, advertising, product development, and channels of distribution will be examined. 


Students will explore how to plan for a career and secure a job in today’s ever changing world of work. Also, they will learn about the process of getting a job beginning with the job search, contacting potential employers and the importance of having employable skills.



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Students will be learning about small business.







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