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Dear Students:


Welcome to our class!  I am looking forward to helping you make this a successful and exciting school year.  You are entitled to my commitment to your academic achievement and to my best teaching effort.  I am entitled to your cooperation in the learning process as well as your mutual respect.

This class requires your hard work reading and writing in preparation for the rest of high school and beyond. Please read the following items designed to help you be as successful as possible.


Guidelines for Success


  1. Listen while others are speaking.
  2. Use technology for educational purposes.
  3. Be punctual.
  4. Apply yourself.

What if I don’t meet the expectation?


  1. Verbal Reminder of Expectation
  2. Goal Evaluation Survey & Conference with Teacher
  3. Phone Call Home
  4. Referral to Administration

Let's work together to make this year as successful as possible.

Thank You,


Mrs. Bayer


English and AVID Teacher