Welcome to my website!  Below you will find information you need for 10th Grade Intensive Reading.

*Marble Composition book--(very important!)
*1.5 inch binder--(will be used for your personal reading portfolio.

*50 plastic sheet protectors
*Folder specifically for Intensive Reading
*Notebook paper
*Writing Utensils
*Book of your choice


You have one week to turn in assignments. 
I take between 5 and 7 grades per day.  If you miss a class you will have that many grades to make up.  It is best for you to be in class!

EVERYDAY GRADES:  The best way to make up any missing grade is to complete an Achieve 3000 activity with a 75% or better. You may also complete the following to make up a grade:

BELLRINGER:  Vocabulary word.  Write the definition, a synonym, an antonym, and draw a picture of what it reminds you of or write down what it reminds you of.  See homework page for the date you missed.

Testing Connection:  See homework page for the date you missed and complete the question.

You will need to write a one page reflection for the novel we read in class. You must read the assigned pages and complete one written page that needs to be handed in to Mrs. Klausing in the "ABSENT WORK" bin.  You must include the date(s) you were absent and the date you handed in the written reflection. 

Choose one of the following options to complete in your composition book:
1.  Make a personal connection -- (what does this remind you of in your own life? Explain)
2.  Make a prediction -- (what do you think will happen next in the story?  Why?)
3.  Discover a new word -- (write down the new word and the sentence where you discovered the word.  Next write down what you think the word means and why)
4.  Relay an opinion or reaction -- (what emotion did the story bring out in you?  Why?)
(The writing connection relates to the class novel pages that we read in class.)

*  You may complete an Empower3000 article with a 75% or better as an alternative to making up a daily grade.  You must let Mrs. Klausing know during your book conference so she can make the necessary changes in the gradebook.  Remember, you have one week to make up any work.  After the one week grace period the grade will become a zero.   

Book Conference Absence:
Answer the following questions in complete sentence form.  All questions and answers must be complete in order to receive credit.




  1. What is the title of your book?  Who is the author?
  2. Did the author have to know about anything to write this book?  Why? 
  3. Who is the protagonist in your book? 
  4. What type of person is the protagonist? 
  5. Did you like the protagonist?  Why?
  6. Does your book have a message?  What is it? 
  7. If you were casting your book as a movie, who would you star in it?  Why?
  8. Summarize your book using the SOMEBODY-WANTED-BUT-SO strategy.
  9. What is the setting of your book?  Explain it.

 10.Who would you recommend this book to?  Why?

11.What do you like or dislike about the author’s style?


12.Rate your book from 1 to 10—10 being the best.  Why did you give it the rating you did?