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 Mrs. Elizabeth Churchill - Grira
ART TEACHER - Elem.#1    463-1900 ext. 1144


I spy.docx I made one for you, Please make one for me! 

 Keith Harring -Watch the YouTube video about his work and the book. Then you can..




 Henri Matisse - There are vidoes listed about him. 

Then make a cut paper collage the way he did, or draw or paint.

 Draw-like-Matisse (1).pdf 

 Andy Goldsworthy 

 The Art of Andy Goldsworthy-Grade One Radial Designs from Nature.pdf 

Go outside and make some Art! The Anywhere Artist is a good book to read.

A coloring book to Print from Romero Britto:

 COLORING BOOK FOR WEB_3.20.2020_1.pdf     

 Color wheels

 ElementaryArtColoringPagesColorWheelPrimaryandSecondaryColors (1).pdf 

Found Object Color wheel  Can you make your own?