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 Basic Skills teacher's lessons- (anyone can view)








Basic Skills Math Lessons (anyone can view)

Attributes of Shapes:

Defining and Nondefining Attributes

"The Greedy Triangle" Shapes Story

Telling Time to the Hour

Fact Families

Fact Triangles

Fractions (Halves and Fourths)

3-Dimensional Shapes (with activity at the end)


Week 5  


 Monday, April 20, 2020


Writing- Spring Break News- write about something you did over break! Please remember to use your Writer's checklist and follow writer's rules! We would love to see them, so share if you can!


Shared Reading- read " A Tree is a Plant"

 Watch the sightwords video on this same link. Complete page 124 in green Reader's Notebook "Words to Know"


Math-p. 218 in math packet "Time on a Digital Clock" 

Watch this video for help with the analog clock. 


Watch this video for digital on the hour. 


Cut the time match cards out on the next two pages and play Time Match.  This game is played like "memory".  Place the clock squares up-side down on one side, and the digital time squares upside-down on the other side. Pick one from each side.  If they match-yay!  you get to keep them.  If they do not match, turn them back over and it's your partners turn.  Play with someone in your house, or maybe "Mr. Invisible"!


Spellingwrite your new spelling words 3 times each in your journal.  The words are: soon, new, noon, zoo, boot, too, moon, blew, soup, you, * challenge words- grew and scoop.




Tuesday April 21, 2020  **Zoom 1:00pm share your journal writing about your Spring Break! Hope to see you all tomorrow!


 Shared Reading- Re-read, "A Tree is a Plant" Our skill this week is sequencing.  The order in which events happen is the sequence of events.  Our story, A Tree is a Plant, tells about the events in the life of a tree.  An apple tree begins as a seed.  What happens next?  In your blue journal, write the sequence of a growing apple tree.  Use the sequence words, First-Next-Then-Last to order the important events.  Illustrate the events!


 Phonics- complete pages 123 and 125 (words with oo, ou,ew) in reader's notebook

Spelling- complete page 126 in reader's notebook.  


Math- complete page 154 in math packet (math boxes) Reminder: Longs-l = 10 and cubes (tiny squares) =1  Example: lll (3 longs) =30 and 3 cubes =3  





Wednesday, April 22, 2020  EARTH DAY! **Zoom meeting- 10am- math review follow-up/support 


Shared Reading-Independent read day!  Re-read "A Tree is a Plant" by yourself. complete pages 130-131 in reader's notebook.


Math-We will have a zoom math review meeting at 10am this morning to give any additional support or clear up any questions before the assessment.  Begin Unit 7 assessment (in math packet) pages 46-47 Numbers 1-7 (use your number grid when needed)

 for additional help for defining attributes of shapes use following link: (at approx. 2 min. 45 secs. Miss Cantz gives direct support for problems 5 & 6 of the assessment)


Writing- In your blue journal, write about what you can do to help take care of the earth.  Be sure to illustrate your story! (use your writer's checklist too!) Reduce, Reuse, Recycle video  (username: mt1 Password: media)    Earth day story: I Can Save the Earth by Alison Inches and Viviana Garofoli







Thursday, April 23, 2020     


 SharedReading- Read "Grow Apples Grow"

Discuss what facts you can learn about apples, from this selection.


Math- complete unit 7 assessment page 48 numbers 8-12


spelling- page 134 in reader's notebook


grammarcomplete page 133 in your Reader's notebook (indefinite pronouns) Indefinite pronouns stand for people or things that are not named (anyone, someone, everyone,everybody, something, everything) 




Friday- April 24, 2020


 Math-Sign in to  Prodigy and give it a try if you have not already!

I sent your user name and passcode to your portfolio in class dojo!

This website has challenges and math practice. 

You can go up levels as you do more math OR you can complete math pages from previous weeks in your math packet!


Spelling- try a spelling assessment (without peeking!) soon, new, noon, zoo, boot, too, moon, blew, soup, you   *challenge words: (if you dare:) scoop, grew


Guided Reading- read one of your new fiction books, (or any fiction book) Describe one of the characters. What is the character feeling throughout the story; how do you know? Is the character brave, weak, silly, scared?  What actions does the character do or say to help you answer that question?


Phonicscomplete page 129 in the reader's notebook. Words with ue,u, u-e.  These words also have the ewwww sound, like your /oo/ spelling words!