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Week 4   


 Teacher Read Aloud Week 

Monday- "Exclamation Markby Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Tom Lichtenheld-   read by Mrs. Cantz  -video posted on class stories on Class Dojo


Tuesday- "Bunny Trouble" by Hans Wilhelm. We will read and discuss this story on Zoom at 4:00pm (see class dojo or your email for meeting code and password)


Wednesday- "An Egg is Quietby Dianna Aston-video will be posted on class stories on Class Dojo


Thursday- "Pet Show" by Ezra Jack Keats (the same author as, "Whistle for Willie") We will read and discuss this book on Zoom at 10:00am (see class dojo or your email for meeting code and password)


Friday- "The Night Before Easterby Natasha Wing- video will be posted on class stories on Class Dojo



**Parents, please take it slow with the packets!  Do not feel like you have to stick to this schedule. Take your time!  We do not want anyone (students or parents) to get overwhelmed, frustrated or burned out!   Do what works for your child! 


 Monday, April 6, 2020


Writing- Weekend News- please remember to use your Writer's checklist and follow writer's rules! 


Shared Reading- Re- read "Whistle for Willie independently (try to read this on your own!) 

*complete pages 115-116.  These pages are in both the packet and green Reader's Notebook. You may choose either one!   


Math- complete a function machine worksheet in packet


Grammar- complete a possessive pronoun paper from your packet (or green reader's notebook) Possessive pronouns show that something belongs to someone. The pronouns my, your, his, and her come before a noun. ex. "This is my dog". The pronouns mine, yours, his and hers come at the end of a sentence.  ex. "This dog is mine".




Tuesday April 7, 2020


 Shared Reading- Read "Pet Poems"  or found in the packet.

 Compare and contrast the stories, "Whistle for Willie" and "Pet Poems".  Can you find anything the same and different between these 2 texts? Compare and contrast two pets- how are they the same? How are they different? (This can just be a discussion, you do not have to write this)


Phonics- Read the Decodable Reader, Two Good Cooks, at the back of your packet.  Take the pages off of your packet and fold it into a booklet.  After reading the story the first time, be a /oo/ word detective.  Highlight (with a light crayon) all the /oo/ words.  Re-read the story with someone at home.  You can make it fun- every time you get to a highlighted /oo/ word, whisper it/shout it/clap it/stomp it/- whatever you want!


Spelling- complete one of the spelling worksheets in the packet.  Something fun- write each spelling word and each sight word on a little piece of paper. Have someone hide them around your house and have a word hunt (like an egg hunt).  When you find a spelling word, spell it without peeking. When you find a sightword, read it (maybe you can challenge yourself, and spell that too!) 


Math-complete a page in your math packet. If you have finished the function machine pages,or you need a break from function machines, move on to a math box page. You can go back to function machines later, if you need too.




 **We hope you can join us on zoom today at 4:00pm for the story and discussion of "Bunny Trouble"! See Class Dojo for the meeting code and password.


Wednesday, April 8th, 2020


Shared Reading- Take Lesson 23 Comprehension assessment, as a review.  Have someone at home read the question and then the answer choices.  Fill in the circle for the best answer.  We would love to know how you did!


Math- complete a page in your math packet.


Spelling- take Lesson 23 spelling assessment (paper in packet in the spelling section). No Peeking! I know a lot of you like to try the challenge words!  The words are crook and hoof.  Remember, you get bonus points for the challenge words if they are correct and you will not lose points if they are incorrect! No backwards or capital letters please!!


Writing- Make a list of things that a pet needs.  Draw a picture.  This paper is in your packet  in the writing section or you can write this in your blue journal. Use your writer's checklist and follow all good writing rules!





Thursday, April 9, 2020     *Remember:  Zoom at 10am today!   


Today is a half day


Math- Begin next lesson 7-11  Digital Time.


The short hand tells the hour.

The short hand tells the hour.

Hi Ho the derry-O

The short hand tells the hour. 


We are learning to write the cuckoo time digitally.

If the time reads.... 11:00. 

The short hand will be on the 11 and

the long(minute) hand will be on the 12 no (OO) minutes past 11. 


Watch this video for help with the analog clock. 

Watch this video for digital on the hour. 

Complete the math pages for lesson 7-11


If you didn't finish all the function box pages-

continue to practice with them when you have a chance.

Sign in to  Prodigy and give it a try if you have not already!

I sent your username and password to your portfolio on Class Dojo.

This website has challenges and math practice. 

You can go up levels as you do more math


grammarcomplete another grammar worksheet from the packet (possessive pronouns) or the spiral review on page 121 in your green Reader's Notebook.






 We hope everyone has a safe, relaxing and healthy Spring Break!